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Unable to load mod.
This has been going on ever since that astro stuff has been launched.... pic1: ... pic2: ..... Problem: I am unable to play twinswords or any of those botched game modes. The swords, in the case of twinswords, are replaced with floating fists. This causes mismatching of the animations and resynchs/teleports on my screen (and on my screen only). What I tried: I tried all the newest and older versions after 5.1 but nothing makes these maps work. Initially I thought it was "just" those space-maps, because the normal gamemode worked fine (I mean twinsword4fixed.tbm). Then I presumed it was a public push by the devs to move us towards steam so I got that client as well, still the same problem. What's the secret, what is actually different about these space/pub maps that it gets bugged? And why isn't it solved by re-downloading the newest version?

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just type here the name of the mod:
i just do that way when some of the mods won't load
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They will automatically download. You can properly load them by reconnecting with /rec or by waiting for new matches to start.

Alternatively, they are all here:

To download from the database, you need to right click and open the mod in a new tab. Then download into/move to your mods folder.

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i believe just "/rec" works. repeat it a few times and it should automatically download. I did it and it fixed my problem.
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