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Item duels
Well, I've noticed that lots of people are getting reported for not sending the items they've lost in a duel - let's make a command for item dueling! For example, /duel Void Relax , 512x512 Head Texture etc etc :> It'd make GMs lifes easier and ordinary users would feel safer when dueling as well :>


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Bump, as I still see this as important.
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item dueling
so yeah, we have an option to do a safe tc duel ingame but item dueling is another story,
instead of the two players having a deal and the loser send the item which is an unsafe and quite annoying process of going to forum to send them
how about after activating duel mod, we have an option to open a tab and choose items we wanna duel, we can also see what the opponent have put in there and when both sides confirm the duel start, basicly like how safe trades work but ingame.
i think that would be a faster,safer and overall more efficient way to do it.
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Basically, there is no need for certain limits and checks like how much does the item cost in the market or such. I suppose the only limitations to make are whether two people dueling have the items and the tc entered in the deal. It is not a problem for someone to duel for orc grip vs 100000tc, if both sides have all available on their account and if they agree for all the terms and conditions, that’s it. There totally has to be a message asking if you would like to have that kind of duel conditions for both sides and account check, that has been already mentioned. It would be nice to have a possibility of multiselecting items out of the list.

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