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Replay Board Rules
Replay Board Rules
Current Local Moderators: pusga, Glimpsed, Static, Orko

Singleplayer/Multiplayer Replay Subforum Rules:

Below are some specific rules, but general forum rules apply here too!

1. Please post multiplayer replays in the Multiplayer section. Spars should be posted in the main section of the replay board, however.

2. If the mod you've made the replay in isn't in the default mod folder of the latest version of the game, please add the .tbm file along with it's respective replay.

3. Feel free to give your opinions/reactions to a replays, but please make sure it's worth posting! Constructive criticism is ofcourse welcome too.
- "ye was good" = useless post
- "Hey, I really liked your replay. I particularly liked the spin part at the end. Good job!" = perfectly acceptable

4. Do not post your own original replays in another player's thread without visible permission from them. Edits of the OP's replays are permitted unless the OP specifically states otherwise. Also, you may not advertise your own or anyone else's thread in someone else's thread.

5. Do not make more than a maximum of two replay threads within a week, as too many threads from the same user clutter the forum and count as spam.

6. Do not bump other people's threads that are over 2 months old without a valid reason.

7. This isn't the video forum, if you made a video with replays you can post that here!

8. Any sort of clan replay threads are not allowed. You have your clan DSC for that reason.

9. Replay stealing is against the rules. If caught plagiarizing the work of others, your replay thread may be closed and proper infractions will be handed out accordingly. Including a part of someone else's replay in your own (such as editing their opener) should be accompanied with the name of the original author.

10. You may bump your threads once every 24 hours after the last post. Any information may be included in these bumps, but you may not make a separate post in addition to your daily bump. Alt bumping and delete bumping (deleting a post and then posting again to have a more recent post) are not allowed in any form. This applies to creating new threads serving the same purpose after closing last one as well.

Feel free to ask any questions about the rules within this thread.
replay thread

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