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Toribash TakeOVER
Hello again avid blog readers. Today we will be talking about this little new thing called ToribashTakeOVER. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a cool new toribash based youtube channel made and headed by Hxcbbqimo(also known as Hax), with quite a bit of support from Jusmi and Slybash. You can [...]

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I'd definitely recommend subscribing. His stuff is awesome o7. Great blog entry.

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lol ooops. My bad, fixing right now.
Also thanks

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On one hand, i much appreciate the blog. Though i must say, you guys need to seriously learn to proof read your content. Having these blunders are just embarrassing for you guys and the staff. Please, take 5 seconds to re read the title of your blog before posting.

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My favorite part was how "Slybash helped Taoribash TakeOVER"

No but seriously, thank you so much. You did a wonderful job and you were far too sweet to us! TTO loves ya :3
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How bout teaching the history, like who was the best at what point and time and how Toribash has evolved from what it was in 08 to now.
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