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Old Dec 29, 2016   #91
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made a fun kicking mod taikenshuV5 with skullzed, it is super fast paced, and works really well its very competitive

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Old Jan 2, 2017   #92
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ok, its about to be taikenshuV11, i think that if the room is to check for mods that should be in public rooms then each mod should have an individual room.

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Old Feb 27, 2017   #93
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Id really recommend cheeking my mod out BattleArena4.tbm Hope you enjoy it <333
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Old Apr 10, 2017   #94
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Shankido for public
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Old May 7, 2017   #95
oops nvm
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PublicFeatured is back up and running again

Speak to Fear if you want your mod to be featured

get an event squad modder to check your mod out, and have them propose it to me for rotation

if they say your mod sucks then deal with it and dont pester

im not gonna test all your mods guys
shut up fallu

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