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Old Dec 4, 2012   #1
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New items just over the horizon
Hello everyone. You may or may not have noticed that*recently*there has been a new addition to the staff. These staff are called item forgers and they are responsible for (unsurprisingly) forging new items. They have been responsible for the two new hairs (the ponytail and the kung-fu beard). Jusumi, one of the new items forgers [...]

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Old Dec 4, 2012   #2
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These are great news! Hope they make dreadlocks as hair. There loads of suggestions running around the forums, would be nice to see the good ones come alive.
Their work is very apreciated!
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Old Dec 4, 2012   #3
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Hopefully they do a great job with this new additon with alot more styles to choose from , one thing i had noticed is that hair doesnt act like real objects , they just pass right through the players . Now if you made them interactable like say grab someone's ponytail and throw him to the ground , or spin around a smack him with your hair , that would be more realistic . They wouldnt nessesarly do damge but it would bring this additon more to life .
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Old Dec 4, 2012   #4
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Mullet please.
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Old Jan 15, 2013   #5
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Put the tourneys back up, the game sucks without them.
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Old Feb 1, 2013   #6
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Im really excited to see what will be released for February.
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Old Feb 1, 2013   #7
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I really want to see pigtails for some reason.
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Old Feb 1, 2013   #8
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I can't wait to see the new item that will prevent scams and reward good guys. Well, I'm not sure if it will actually be an item, but who cares.
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Old Feb 1, 2013   #9
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Jusmi, not Jusumi! D:<
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Old Feb 1, 2013   #10
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Is the item goes out every month?
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