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Old Jun 10, 2013   #21
Mr. Montenegro
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I don't want to bust your bubbles, but there are many free games on Steam, much of them I've installed, played for few days and forgot about them.
Even if TB gets greenlighted, it will not miraculously 'change' into something else over night, it will still have same problems: compatibility with other OSes, bugs and glitches, lack of tutorials, steep learning curve, specific player base, etc..
Standard Steam customers are demanding polished product, even if they doesn't have to pay for it.

We are all hoping for the best, but we must also be honest and try to see Tb through the eyes of someone who doesn't know about TB forum, installs the game for the first time, encounter totally strange and specific gameplay not knowing exactly what to do and where to start.
You must invest much time to get to like TB, and ppl on Steam doesn't strike me like that audience. Some numbers will rise, for sure, since this is the first mayor game promotion for a long time, but I don't expect thousands and thousands of ppl swarming Tb servers all of a sudden.

Might be that all will stay less or much the same.
And just to add, I recommended TB to at least 10 of my friends hoping to play it with them. Out of those 10, only I have played it. With an emphasis on played it. This game is strange. Either you like it on the 'first ball' or not.
1 out of 10. :]

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completely unpolished, random unprepared decision.
economy still broken, no price tag added. this is one of the most profane decisions i even seen.

wasting great opportunity to promote product on huge market is just stupid, but again, not my pocket, so i don't really care.
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Old Jun 10, 2013   #23
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I hope TB gets greenlit and catches a small wave of new players. If steam support with invites from the steam friend list gets implemented, it'd make playing online a lot easier to get to, since steam's often on in the background for me.
I think the steam demographic is also more mature on average, which would be nice for clan recruiting if they manage to find their way to the forums.
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Old Jun 12, 2013   #24
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I don't have anything important to say, good game, hampa

I still believe in that TB will be e-sport game someday.
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Old Jun 12, 2013   #25
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Dunno if someone mentioned this but I can't be stuffed reading what people said haha

Anyway, in my opinion, this 'project', if I can call it this way, would not have much success. It will, surely enough, attract a lot of people but would they ever come back or reach their blue belt? That's the question...

This is not the best time for Toribash to 'show up' because the only people who would be interested in it are the ones who have been looking for such a game for years and finally got a chance to play it. On the other hand, those, who just decided to open it and have a look at what's going on will never come back because of all glitches and lags. Starting from the start of their 'experience', from the training, they would think meh, it's a hard game to play, I will never reach level of those pro's in replays. They are forced to think they have to use hold joints and so on. Also, with all the servers running, a few hints for new players would be nice such as "You finished the tutorial, you're ready to go! Here's 1,000 ToriCredits for you. Test your skills in a <aikido> (or whatever) room and show them what you got but first, go in the ToriShop and buy yourself something!"

Socket error is another thing as well. Tourneys, hair and many other things. Developers would know what I'm talking about... I hope. I mean, I recommended Toribash to some of my friends from school and other places and that's what they said after trying it out so I'm not really making stuff up. I'm basing it on people's experiences. Coming back to those players who have been looking for Toribash, they would simply close their eyes on those minor and major glitches/lags.

Same as inviting someone to your house which is still in the building process.


P.S. Despite all the bad comments people say about the following 'event', it's important to remember that hampa was the one who made this all and surely enough, he has a plan. I don't think any of you would create a game that would run for nearly 10 years and then randomly 'destroy' it. Hampa's got something there, that's for sure...
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I hope this seriously makes it and i did my part


Guess Who's Back?
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Old Jun 21, 2013   #27
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honestly i think with Toribash being on steam, there's going to be alot new members in toribash. Also these means, there will be more buying and selling of items and textures. Lets say more economic flow. In my opinion there is too many players that are completely done customizing their toris, so they have no need to buy anything. But, introducing new members to toribash they will like to customize their toris also, which makes tc flow thorugh the community give young artist (like me) a chance to earn tc. I can't get tc because not enough people are willing to buy stuff on the market. So i think this is a good idea for toribash.
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Old Jun 27, 2013   #28
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Great games deserve to have a big audience. How the audience reacts is a different matter, but in either case, it's fabulous to see Toribash getting more exposure. Yes, it's freaking difficult, the UI is outdated and the threshold to get in is quite discouraging, but nevertheless, fabulous.
Just be more careful with expectation management. Those replay music videos are terrific, but it's all the more crushing once you realize that this is lightyears beyond what you can do as beginner.

[...] there are undoubtedly gonna be a few changes around the community

I still have my hopes up for having Search enabled in the forums again. I'm fine having ads or paying TCs for doing a search, but when it disappeared as free feature, the forums quickly turned useless to me. In the last two years I've been on these boards for only about a dozen of times because I couldn't find my threads back.

\\ Edit
Not that I had any reason to find them back after my set give-away thread had been closed down. That was the actual reason for me to leave because I don't want to be part in a forum community that doesn't tolerate gifts. The game is still ace, though.

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Old Aug 4, 2013   #29
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I suggest adding a link to the forums in the main (Esc) Menu in-game
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Old Aug 4, 2013   #30
In coder land
Toribash is now ranked #39 of 1,405 games in Greenlight.

No word from Gaben yet though.
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