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Clan Membership Timer
I would like to implement the idea for a timer that is added the moment you click accept on the invite for a clan. This would start a timer that would count upward going by minuets, then hours, then days, weeks, Months then the specific date. the timer would be located under your name on the clan page in the members rankings list. it would look like:

(for the specific date)
Active Member of (clan name) since May, 14 2014

(for days, weeks, years, etc...)
Active Member of (clan name) Since 4 days ago

this timer would be located in the user info page as well under the Toribash join date. The reason i ask for this it could help spot clan hoppers, it could also clear up the confusion some people have when trying to rank up in their clan. giving people a clear idea of who has the correct experience when it cones to ranking up.

The timer would Stop when you Quit a clan and will not reset until you accept another clan invite:

Quit Clan (name) 12 hours ago

Quit Clan (name) Since May 11, 2014
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Originally Posted by ZENBOY123 View Post
Yeah and while your at it why can't Clan Members have this too? It would make it easier to see who's Online in your Clan. And I believe there's a glitch(Or maybe it's intended) that when people are in-game but not on forums it shows them as Offline. Fix it pls?

Well for some reason they took away the ability to see what room people are in on the forum. so I believe that adding that info as well as if they are online at all or not is really beneficial to the clan itself.

Originally Posted by Seihareach View Post
Well you can do /sa [username] ingame
Or pm the person in the forum.

well its not always correct even with the refresh

Originally Posted by qukslice View Post
It would be nice to have a log like this. Not only will it help Clans spot clan hoppers, it can show the clan what clans the player has been, therefore showing us know what type of experience this player has in clans and so on and so forth.
It would also be nice if we had a chance to see if they had a crucial rank (leader/co-leader). Something like
Player x joined clan y on xx xx 2014
Player x left clan y on xx xx 2014 Leader
This would help us chose players and place them in better ranks then without this info.

my thoughts exactly
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This seems like a pretty cool idea i wouldn't mind at all a little clan membership timer for no other reason to have it. New clan's could probably end up basing their trial period off of that timer too which would make keeping track much easier.
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shoving some of my old stuff up to the surface to see if anything can or should be done now?
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Since a few months ago, clan leaders have access to the clan logs, which keep track of members being invited, joining and leaving/being kicked, as well as changes to ranks, leadership changes, war invites and cancels, etc. A date is included in the logs, but those dates aren't public, and I don't think it's a good idea to make them public either.

If you want to know more about an applicant you could contact their previous clan.
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