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~ Mods Section Rules ~
General Rules

All forum rules apply.

Try to use proper grammar and check your spelling before posting a thread (unless it is hilarious like rock_parkour)

Thread Titles

Each thread must start with one of the tags below:

[REL]- upon posting a new mod (a mod release).
[WIP]- upon posting a new mod which is in the process of being completed (testing/criticism purposes).
[MP] or [ModPack]- upon posting multiple mods whether they are related or part of a compilation.
[REQ] or [Request]- upon posting a mod request.
[HELP]- if you need assistance or advice with a mod that you are currently working on.
[POC]- A proof of concept mod release. Applies if you have created a prototype mod which introduces a new type of gameplay (i.e. projectile weapons, vehicles) but is not complete.

Try not to post without any of these tags or else you'll risk deletion/closing of the thread. If any of the tags do not apply to your situation, it may not be appropriate to post a new thread.

The tag should be followed by a descriptive title and/or the name of the mod. If it is a compilation of unrelated mods, feel free to call the thread "(username)'s mods".

Thread Content

The thread should include the following information:
  • A few sentences, explaining the objective of the following mod/s
  • The actual mod/s, attached to the opening post
  • A screenshot of the mod, showing the environment and/or gameplay
  • If your mod is an edit/variation of a previous mod, please credit the original author, out of courtesy

Any missing information must be added to the thread 48 hours after I notice that there is a problem with the post. I may notify you within the thread and/or a PM. If you do not correct the mistake, I will close/delete/hide the thread until further notice.

Please update the thread if you have additional mods or an updated version of an existing mod. This is for organization purposes and I will merge threads if multiple threads are created without sufficient reason.

Requesting mods

What not to request:

-Mods that are already made. Even if you've never seen/heard of it before, please search for it first, and only then post a request if there weren't any answers.

-"Modes" that can be created by simply changing the gamerules. Disqualification, fractures, dismemberment and other things are changeable in the game rules and do not require a modfile for anything other than convenience.

-3 or more people in a match. Not possible to spawn body parts or other players, maybe in later versions.

-Mods that make you explode. there are a lot of them, and just set the dismemberment to 1 to do a basic explosion.

-Do not request a mod over and over again if it is in the process of being made.

-Do not request something like "Cn i plz have swrdmod tht works on ym comp k k?", use proper grammar and describe your mod clearly.

-Mods can have up to 128 static objects, but only 16 dynamic (movable) objects, so keep that in mind.

What to request

-Please request mods that are unique and will add to the variety of the ones out now.

-Request anything that you would like extended on a current mod, or combined with another mod.

Additional Rules

Most of the official servers use mods like wushu.tbm, sambo-off.tbm and aikido.tbm. However, these are simply changes to the gamerules to produce a different type of gameplay. Certain members (including me) call these modes because they are merely a change to 'classic' gameplay and thus, the modfiles are used for convenience instead of necessity.

On the other hand, mods require that their associated modfile is loaded in order to play (due to bodymods and/or environment objects).

Feel free to upload "modes" to the mod uploader since it is easier to load and play them when you want.

However, the mods section is only for MODS.

(your new "variation of aikido" will be deleted. no matter how cool it is.)

Avoid backseat moderating.

Only provide constructive CnC.

Do not doublepost unless absolutely necessary.

Do not revive mod threads that are years old.

Useful Information

Mod Uploader


Mods are automatically approved. Add "!/usr/bin/toribash" to the first line of the mod or else, it is rejected.

Try to keep modnames short and descriptive.

Avoid using certain symbols to bump your mod to the top of the list.

Test your mods before uploading. This will avoid unnecessary volume within the uploader and make it easier for everyone. If you make a mistake, it is impossible to reupload under the same modname at the moment.

Mods usually take about 10 minutes to cook(appear on the servers).

Please don't use brackets of any type or spaces in the mod name. Use underscores: _


If you have a question: Mod Questions Here
If you would like to know how to make a mod: Mod Tutorials Here or more recently, Clockworkmonkey's Mod Maker Documentation
If you need help with a mod you're making: Feel free to post a thread using the [HELP] tag. Describe the problem/s and how we can help you.
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