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Old Nov 4, 2017   #1
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[REL] Parkour Domain of The Water King
"Long have you searched and at last have you found it. The fabled dragon mountain lies before you. But to enter the fabled kingdom and reap the rewards you must first pass the trials."

I originally created this mod last summer for a massive event featuring 4 other maps which never came to be due to obstacles in meatspace. Leaving it in a dark corner of my harddrive I completely forgot about it until today and thought it good enough to release on its own. It might be a little strange to play without the rules of the event or the context of the story, but it may still be a good time if you're in for a different experience.


128 objects
Intermediate level challenge
Sleeping dragon
Large ammounts of options
One flower



Now I know what you're thinking:
"Jisse this is a holy mess, it's just object spam!"

Absolutely correct, it does look a horrible mess, but! There is some thought behind it. The mod being for an event I took care to prioritize playability over looks. It is pretty hard to spot the many different routes so I tried to explain them with funny arrows.

click again

Tori should have about the same possibilities as Uke in terms of choosing a path, save for the blue one which requires a tiny bit of backtracking.

It's not entirely obvious is the screenshots but there is massive vertical difference between the paths, the 3D version does it a bit more justice, check it out!

Completely unrelated to the mod but I felt it appropriate to address here and now

I would like to apologize for my behaviour within this board in recent times. I have been dishing out insults and scornfull comments under the false guise of "Constructive Critisizm". Critisizm as it may have been it has not always been constructive, and my way of getting points through has often been condenscending and rude.
In real life I have been trying to cope with going cold turkey on medication about 8 months ago(send me a PM if you want to know more about that, it's not appropriate to discuss here), but most of all I have been struggling with the consequenses of my own bad decisions. As such I have a lot of built up anger and sometimes low self-esteem, making me feel the need to prove myself. This usually doesn't manifest on the internet but when I see something of interest and feel the need to comment these emotions often slip through. Especially if the subject in question is something I don't necessarily agree with.

In short I have been an asshole and a bully due to factors within my control. I realize I may have a problem and I am taking actions to dealing with my emotional issues. It is no way for an adult person to act as I have and the people who create free content for others to enjoy deserve to be chopped in a nicer manner.

Thanks for being nice and polite eventhough I haven't always deserved it. I can and will do better

Have fun and let me know what you think of the mod!
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pretty great mod, looks like those abstract paitings tbh, and i think its the first ever mod ive seen with a lot of different routes, mods usually force us to go a certain route, but this is crazy. good job pal
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Old Nov 4, 2017   #3
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Thank you sir

I will be trying to prioritize the gameplay aspect of my mods more in the future, piecing together all the routes was a lot of fun.
Expect a new mod next week
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Old Nov 4, 2017   #4
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I love the look of this mod. It's too bad the limits of toribash modmaking brings it down with everything being either blocky or cylindrical. I respect you for the effort you put into everything looking as good as possible anyway. Very nice design on that tree. If I ever get the energy i'll try this one out for sure. Nice one.
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Old Nov 4, 2017   #5
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This is like a dream for me, i love theese cluttered what the fuck mods, means i can just do whatever the fuck. Oh man i'm gonna have fun with this.

Really like the look of it in general aswell tbh, not too much for the very bright greens, but they're good as a look i guess, in any case since i'm the worst type of mod cnc'er i'll just do something on it out of appreciation <3
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Old Nov 5, 2017   #6
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Thanks guys

I have great hopes for Next allowing proper 3D modelling. It will be good

Looking forward to seeing your replay Xioi
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Old Nov 7, 2017   #7
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Great mod jisse as always <3. Some of your blocks are fuzed together
which makes for a sorta messy look. But as far as thr idea goes.
Its amazing.
On a further note, you give harsh but true cnc I feel like people have a hard time swallowing that pill.
Its called tough love... Anyways great mod none the less.
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Old Nov 9, 2017   #8
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Great work Jisse! Mod looks good when I get the time to play it, I definitly will!
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