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[CC] Coders Club

welcome to coders club! we're a friendly organization created by Lost.
i'm just running the show for a little while because he had to duck out.

we're here to offer support if any of the following describes you:
you want to learn or help to learn how to write code
you want to share and discuss code, projects, etc.
you just want to chill and talk to other coders




Lost (founder)

no malicious files or links (staff will be notified)
the golden one

Member Application


Re-branded on Sunday, October 22, 2017
reworked OP on wednesday, november 8, 2017

Thorn is a wicker cunt

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/jo heat
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Hey, I'm Xavier or revx idc if I know you're calling me it's alright for me
Found that org in your signature and when I found out it was involving teachers, I wanted to be in it to learn
Hobbies well I'm a no life so Toribash and playing with friends sometimes (When I don't feel dead inside)
I'm 14
Well I can replay hack, that's pretty much it (Really basic replay hacking like changing frames and stuff like that)
I’m not Senu
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Well I am happy to say soon we will have more teachers
Also, I would like to ask, what coding language would you like to learn
There are alot. Toribash uses Java btw.
But I am most farmiliar with c++ and c#
I am making a tutorial on those first but if you'd like
after I make those tutorials I could make one of your choice
All you have to say is which language you would like to first learn
Also stay active to learn you must keep asking questions
and attempting to learn.
Last thing, make sure to join the discord, this way we can help faster and voice chat
The discord link is at the bottom of the original post
Also a little update.
Lesson one of c++ is gonna be under the tutorial
space in a spoiler
How it will work is everyday I will teach a new lesson
and put it in the c++ spoiler until we have covered all of it.
This however will not be any advanced stuff the advanced tutorials on c++
will come out a little bit later but for now I will probably cover about 16 to 17 different lessons
a day starting tomorrow. All of them will be lessons on c++ for now.
After c++ I will probably make a c# tutorial.

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Clan: Spark

Name: Elite (Brayden)
Reason For Joining: Being A Programmer, This would interest me
Personal Interests/Hobbies: Playing paintball and coding random stuff lol
Age: 18
Experience: I started coding around the age of 12 with batch, which i don't know if you would consider that a language rather than just "scripting". Currently the languages i know and/or are learning are: C++, C#, C, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Batch, Bash, Python, and Ruby. I have a github @
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Great application ACCEPTED Also with you knowing
4 different coding languages I highly encourage at a later date that you apply for teacher
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Thanks man glad to join.
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Name: spcr
Reason For Joining: Want to learn to code in toribash, I know how to hack in league of legends
Personal Interests/Hobbies: Graphic designing and swimming
Experience: Just experience hacking league of legends shit, nothing else, that was long ago.

Professional Graphic Designer
Former [Crooks]
Leader | [TA] Member | Ex-[Latin] member
[Mexican] Player |Fan Club
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Also update guys the guide will come out
today on C++ I got a little caught up with something
so the tutorial will be up today.
C++ Lesson 1
Hello, welcome to c++ lesson 1. In this lesson, you will learn basic outputs using the standard library in Code Blocks.

I won't bore you too much with this as I doubt you need a step by step on how to install a program its simple.
First, go to this link and click on the download that says "Source Code". Open the download and go through
the setup. Just click next and finish until you get to the end and you have Code Blocks on your desktop.

Once the Code Blocks app is on your desktop, you are going to want to run it. Once you run it you will be greeted
with a project startup page. Now you will click "New Project".

After you double click that another page will pop up and in the top right you will see this Icon and double-click it.

AFter you have done that you will be greeted with yet another page. Just click next on it and on the next page click C++ and next.
After you do this name your project Lesson1 C++ and save it to wherever you want. AFter that ignore the pop-up page and click
finish at the bottom right.

Then you will be in the program ready to code. You are going to want to click a code blocks logo to the left then when it highlights blue below it click main.cpp

Now you there will be some code.

Highlight and delete all of the code in the box and write this code.
c++ code:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main ()
cout << "hello world" << endl;
return 0;

You may be asking what do all of these things mean? Well let me explain to you.
#include <iostreams> includes functionality to read and write from streams. You need to write this if you want to use streams.
it is basically a bunch of code written into a small key phrase so you do not have to manually enter codes.

using namespace std; is mandatory to use <iostream> cout, cin and a lot of other things are defined in it. So basically outputs and inputs are defined in it.
Std is standard you could also think of using namespace as a library and std a book with all of the codes in it.
so things like the keywords int are located in the std "book"
it is hard to explain but you will get it once you start to code a bit more.

I won't explain int main () very much until the next tutorial but int means integer.

cout << "hello world" << endl;
This whole line I am going to explain at once. Cout means it is being outputted to the screen. The << arrows are always represented after cout.
"hello world" is in quotes because it is what is going to be put on the screen.
Finally endl; means end line so your line doesn't fall into another part of the script. If you aren't getting it so far its ok there will be more explaining to these things in the next tut.

return 0;
Main function has to return a value because it is declared as "int main" which means "main function should return integer data type" if main is declared like "void main", then there's no need of return 0.
And yes that is the google deffinition. Its the best way to explain it you will understand this more later.

Now that you understand what all the terms mean it is time to see your script. Click the setup and run button at the top.

If you followed the steps correctly you would have had a cmd window come up that looks like this.

Stay open eyes for lesson 2 coming next week.
If you have any further questions please contact me using reply or pm me.

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Well if this is allowed on the Org board then I'll give it a shot!

Member Application
Name: Patrick
GMT/UTC: GMT +2 - Middle East
Reason For Joining: Computer is my life ever since I was a kid. I'm still young but I'm way ahead on things including coding so I want to improve my coding skills.
Personal Interests/Hobbies: gaming, coding games (still an interest), basketball or any other hand sport.
Age: 16
Experience: I'm still learning, got no experience whatsoever.

Note for Codeblocks::
Return 0; --> you can remove this from your code because the Computer nowadays will know that you meant to add return 0 at the end of your code even if you didn't put it there so it'll be there automatically.
This is a side note in case y'all didn't know.
█████ Vector █████
█ ███████ █

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Patrickoo ACCEPTED
Also I added return 0; because beginners beed to know codes and have that habbit instead of only using codes you think you might need. Because once you work with variables it is always good to add return 0;
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