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Forum development news!
Hey guys.

The developers are going to maintain this thread to keep an open line of communication with the userbase concerning new site features that have been or will soon be added. Please, feel free to post in this thread with feedback on changes. Kindly don't post features you would like to see added here though; use the Suggestions & Ideas board.
I also heavily encourage you all to report bugs involving these new features in this thread, or send us a private message if it's a security issue.

That said, I'll start off with a couple of minor things I've added.

You can now filter market items by maximum Qi (Thanks for the suggestion SruX)

You can now send items directly from your deactivated inventory

You can now hide all of those useless empty sets you've got.

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[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today

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Originally Posted by shev View Post
Right now we are working on fixing and improving an existing clan system rather than implementing something entirely new.

Is this still in progress? it's been three weeks and i saw the suggestion on the S&I board that was going to be implemented, just wondering if that or whatever was planned to be made is still being made
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Gross the tags look goofy as fuck
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I think they are great. Very noticeable.
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Thank you
It's nice seeing all these ideas and great things being implemented, loving the new clan system/new forum updates, sucks i can't have the logs from when i started my clan but, splendid job to whoever made the new clan system upgrade/other recent forum updates, some may be simple but it's the little details that count, thanks/good luck to all the devs/testers/etc. o7
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So aight. Last updates look really awesome and usefull
Theme and idea with those colord tags are pretty comfortable and noticiable
tho I got an idea for beginners like making a thread with navigation so if'd be much easier browsing the forum.
Anyway, thanks for last updates, hope we will see something new pretty soon
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There's something that's kind of like that made by twilight, it's pinned in the Faq where most starters don't look & it's mainly about rules.

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Not digging the new tags, seem a bit redundant and break the forums style. Not to mention have [Sale][Sale] selling.... when youre looking at the index, cuts off the important info of the thread rather that what is used to be [Sale] Selling Flame...
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Recent forum update highlights:
- mandatory thread tags in Suggestions and Market
- clan logs accessible to clan leaders

clan logs

- list of item owners (ToriPrime/VIP only)


- minor security fixes
- more scam investigation features available to staff members

Many many thanks to suomynona for implementing tags, as well as Lite for clan log improvements.
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I like it
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Old Mar 7, 2017   #120
Mass-remove tool for market items from here is finally fixed.
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