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About me.
I am an old player and I'm very active on forums. I made this account to stay anonymous for some things I will tell you about myself. I have experienced abuse in many forms throughout my life and never had much of a father figure. It has lead to me contemplating suicide and trying several times. My mother is my everything and I've inked that into my skin to die with. The main thing that I have always kept secret is that I'm pansexual. (pan·sex·u·al
1.not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.
1.a pansexual person.) I'm keeping this anonymous because I have no idea how the community of Toribash would react to the news that a semi-popular player is pansexual, as I have never seen it before. If you want to know anything else or just chat, PM me or post on this thread. Thanks for listening, it means more than you think it does to me.
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You must feel very reliefed to have told us. I admire the bravery. Did you consider ip checking when making this account? Also, considering you claim to be 'Popular' it means that many are fond of you. And for them to look upon you in a negative light just for the confession and judge you based on that instead of your actions then it proves them to be bad people. Also, pansexual slurs - not that I've ever come across any, would they not be a bannable offence? You'll do fine.
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I didn't think anyone would care enough to do that. Could you PM me how to do that?
How I could prevent that I mean.
Also, thank you for this post. It made me smile a small bit. It's great to hear support from a known player.

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This is a legitimate alternate account. Please respect their wish for privacy and don't pry.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, 2017Forum.
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There's no need to be shy about being semi-famous yet being pansexual
People noticed you for who you are in the first place, it doesn't matter if your pansexual or not

Look at me
I'm semi-famous for being retarded and shit posting a lot
And I'm fine with that
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Thank you Sunther, maybe there will be a day on which I tell who I am. But for now I will use this account for this thread and PMs about this thread.
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This topic is to be treated as any other discussion, please do not make any malicious replies or PMs to the original poster.

Seriously, you will be infracted or banned. Consider this as a warning.
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It's really in noones concerne what sexual preference you have. If you yourself feel happy with your sexual preference (or no preference?) then it's most likely the right choice. It wouldn't make you any different if you were gay or straight, especially in this place.

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Hello, as has been said before thankyou for sharing your experiences with us. After reading through the thread although there are clearly a lot of things that can be discussed and a lot of lines to go down, Id like you as the OP to decide where the thread should go.

What should the topic of the thread be and what leading question should be answered?

1) Is and should pan-sexuality be treated differently to other parts of the LGBTQ spectrum?
2) Are pan-sexual people and people in other members of the LGBTQ community discriminated against? Both in a general sense and in a systematic sense (are there sufficient laws to stop systematic discrimination).
3) Are the world's leading governments and organizations doing enough to protect people from the LGBTQ community?

The thread is yours so its up to you if the discussion answers one of these question or an entirely different one you come up with. Although I have no problem with your thread I ask that there is a topic to discuss for it to remain in discussion.

Just worth mentioning that if you have no intention of changing the formatting of the thread to fit discussion we are more than happy to move it to off-topic for you. Please just PM SmallBowl or I to move it. ~Creati0n
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I have some questions for you since you felt the need to open a discussion about your sexuality. However, a disclaimer before I dive in, abuse causes mental health issues, many of which would warrant the help of a professional, you may need to seek one, reason is listed below.

Have you ever been psychologically examined? If not, I suggest you do. Abuse is a very mentally damaging action, which can affect future domestic relations. I do believe that having your Mom to talk to is a very good support system, but the help of a professional (after you've been examined) will improve any issues you have about your self-esteem, acceptance of yourself, etc.

How did you figure out that you were pan-sexual? What were your initial thoughts?

What do you think about the LGBTQ community? Do you feel they accurately represent you as an individual or do you separate yourself from them because of differing opinions/inaccurate representation?

Also, everyone is quite accepting nowadays, be proud of who you are and be you.

God bless, and please take care of yourself and your Mother. Never resort to suicide, my friend.

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