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Juhizz and shook: Both with unusual madman styles, they can pretty much handle boomhits. They never really go smooth or realistic in their movements but that's what makes their replays interesting. And yeah Juhizz has some real badass Texture set.
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internet and kiza manipulations are so cool
pusga and larfen too but we can all agree they are good

EDIT: just remembered nightin, i really liked that dudes replays back in the day.

post below me is kinda goofy

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post above me is kinda goofy
uhm, i refuse to look at this thread right

where is Tamer0, Pulse, Vayne and Mused?

On a real note I think Tamer0, Dezrai and Vayne's replays have had the biggest impact on me via replay making, I edit all three of their replays and try to replicate their tactics in replaymaking.
ZeTo also inspired me quite a bit and I think out of these 4 ZeTo is who my replays are most similar to,
Dexter(I think Sexter now) because... He's Dexter,
And Pulse because his replays are just amazing in every way and even for it's time too, most of his best replays are from like 2009 and 2010
Oh and also Liar/Hentai too.

Originally Posted by Manitoda View Post
BquadZ7750 :
He is. Bquad.. This guy is just as old as me but way more experienced. I mean way far more experienced. Even Pusga is impressed by this fellow 13 year old. Youngest in ORMO. Yet the best.

BQ's Replays : Because We Are Motherfucking Ninjas.rpl, M - The Void Stared Back.rpl

I would love to argue this but I don't think I actually can without getting infracted by ^
So I will just say I strongly disagree with your "Yet the best" statement, that's all.

EDIT 2: Almost completely forgot about Static, I love his replays too.
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Trying to give some different answers from who I and other people usually mention, I think Airoblinn was very cool even though I dont have that many replays by him. Splinter was also really great.

Of recent years i think NICOLAS135 is the best
and Private has some great replays too.
oh yeah
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As of recent, when I want to see something good I'll usually just go check out Dscigs' stuff (post more you bastard)

He's got some pretty sick stuff and I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves

17April was also a dope replaymaker
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I've told you this before, but my favorite uke basher is definitely Raywill135.
He has amazing flow and some of the most stylish replays I've ever seen. His booms are unreal as well.
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