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Old Aug 27, 2017   #11
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i wasn't able to watch the fight, i'm guessing mayweather won?
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Wasn't close at all McGregor did too much mistakes on every rounds even if they went to 12 rounds Floyd would've win. McGregor is an MMA fighter tho he usually don't fight 30 mins like he did today we all knew he won't go till the end as we can see he was grabbing flyod too win time since he was too tired, and Floyd knew that too that's why he played safe the first rounds and then attacked when McGregor wasn't even able to get on his legs. But still a good fight even if Conor tried to get him with gay punches and moves.

The experience of Floyd talked today, most of his punches went right to face and Conor wasn't able to dodge them, and Conor was tired to punch the air cause of Floyd dodges so he tried some gay punches and I noticed on every rounds that Conor have no defense he always have his arms down when he is done punching and ye that was one of his biggest mistake.

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Yeah, McGregor tired himself out way too fast. Mayweather just waited until he can do what he does best.

Really glad it didn't end in decision. That would have been lame.

I think McGregor is going for a career in Boxing, seems like there is more money in it than UFC.
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I won't be surprised if Floyd train McGregor if he gets in English Box
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Conor: "He's not fast, he's not strong, he's just well composed"

The guy's 40, not sure what Conor was expecting. Even then Mayweather was still faster.
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Old Aug 28, 2017   #16
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You could tell he was going to tire himself out by watching the first round, dude was always going ham and still not landing anything. Wish the dude threw a punch at least once through the last minute so we could've seen him get his ass knocked out lol

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Old Aug 28, 2017   #17
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Obviously Floyd's plan was to let Conor punch himself out, give up the early rounds and focus on not dying. The one time Floyd strayed from that in round 1 he got hit with that heavy two-punch combo. Once the pop and power left Conor's hands, Floyd started coming forward and controlling it, usually letting McGregor win the first minute, while he gets the last two (maybe that was deliberate, maybe wasn't). So Floyd's plan was all about conserving his energy, defending and waiting for McGregor to tire. Obviously.

Everybody's acting like McGregor doesn't or didn't know about that. He's well aware of his gas-tank and he knew that he'd get super tired around the middle to late rounds. He said as much during the post-fight conference. His camp's strategy was to win as many of the early rounds as he can and then try to steal one of the later rounds. I had Conor winning rounds 1-3 pretty clearly, maybe 4 and probably losing the rest (though I could see a case for him stealing round 8 or 9, can't remember which). Don't quite know what the retard judge who scored it 8-1 was thinking.. Actually, probably thinking about what he's gonna do with his bribe money.

In the end, I think Conor acquitted himself well. Did better than some against Floyd (including Pacquiao), did worse than some. Looked pretty damn good for a debuting 0-0 pro boxer against the now 50-0 possible GOAT of pro boxing. That should silence the haters who said he didn't belong in there, but it probably won't. Haters gonna hate.
also siku and MrJingles are pretty gullible

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its always the people who are like "omg mcgregors gonna beat his shit in 4 rounds"

then after they all go like "omg he lasted 10 rounds against mayweather not many people can say that"
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