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Old Aug 30, 2017   #121
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joined in 2009 because saw a friend playin' and wanted to destroy him in it, ended up being overly attached to the game

only created an account in 2010 tho
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Old Aug 30, 2017   #122
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When i got my first PC that wasn't absolutely utter shit. Christmas 2012, i downloaded a couple of games, TF2, GMod, and i saw my brother play Toribash. I thought it looked fun so i downloaded it. Was playing sword game modes for a couple of months then i quit. Came back in early 2017 and made this account.
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Old Aug 30, 2017   #123
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saw youtube vids by eatmydiction1,chilled chaos and their little crew back then and it drew me into downloading this game and i did way back when in 2013 kek and its been 4 long shitty years lmao
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Old Sep 2, 2017   #124
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I was just playing free games back then, I liked the customizable avatars and the freedom unlike anything I expected in this game. I watched edits people were shitting out, got me to try harder. Still love the game
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Old Sep 5, 2017   #125
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I started on June 25th, 2012. I was watching ChimneySwift11 and Mr360Games (?) (now known as "Double" (?)) then looked up the game and saw montages of singleplayer replays. I thought to myself "I wanna do that!" and downloaded the game.
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Old Sep 5, 2017   #126
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Some random guy in a Teamspeak server of mine spammed a link to toribash, , way back in 2013 and I decided to click it. Downloaded the game, played it, sucked at it, made a few good friends, lost a few good friends.... I've done a lot in this game.
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Old Sep 5, 2017   #127
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Thx google , i have shearch tori in google and in the reshearch have toribash i download it
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Old Sep 6, 2017   #128
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Saw a buddy playing it and said he would kick my ass in it, and I showed him up so thought I might as well keep playing this game. Played since 2010 and had 3 diff accounts then made this Account (originally Trikzviper) and stuck with it since 2013. Still shit to this day
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Old Sep 21, 2017   #129
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I met a friend 4 years back I forgot how I met him but he told me about this game and went to try it. Joined in 2013 left at 2014 joined back in 2015 then left at 2016 then joined at 2017.

first mod i played was probably katana.tbm
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #130
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I was into ragdoll games when I was 12, and I would play sumotori and stair fall. One day I came across videos of Toribash on YouTube, and I made an account. I then played until I got a black belt, then got bored of it and quit, and later on became a forum meme/infamous "troll."

10/10 would recommend this game, I met my best friend on it. It became very boring for me after a few years, though.
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