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College/university application
So Im going to become a senior in high school and now I have to do college apps. In which I need help in.

I don't really understand how the system works.
My question is where and how do we send all our info to colleges. Cause I'm really confused.

If somone can explain how this college application system works step by step. That would be awesome.
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Moving to a more relevant board, good luck!
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Most schools will help their students with this, especially if asked. Maybe there is a counselor at your school that could advise you?

But im sure any college you are looking at will have ways to contact them if you are having trouble reaching them/sending the application.
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This assumes you're American.

Your school should have counselors to help you out with these steps. To make their lives easier, start looking at where you want to go to college. You don't have to commit to one yet, and you can apply to as many schools as you want as long as you can pay the application fees, but at least start narrowing some colleges down so your counselor can help you better.

If you just want to know how the information gets to where it needs to go, you just fill out an application and send your school that, as well as your standardized test scores from the standardized test score website. A lot of schools use a common application so if you're lucky you might just have to fill out one application. You will have to write unique essays for every school that asks for them, however.

Good luck man.
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If you haven't already try looking for scholarships and bursaries that you could apply for

A lot of the time students don't even know there are certain bursaries available so no one applies and its free money for you.

Like the others said above me, try to speak to your guidance counselor (if your school has one) or try asking older friends and acquaintances to help guide you in the right direction.

Good luck dude
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