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Enter the ninja
Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

Welcome the August Shiai Prizes!

Participate in ES events, win Shiai Tokens and exchange them to the following Ninja-themed items!


A classic yet deadly set of stars to throw at your favorite targets!
Item is attached to your left shin

Ninja Needles

As tiny as these look, these needles were the reason Tori Ninjas won the Battle of Torigahara, due to how easily overlooked and hidden they are.
Item is attached to your left tricep

Ninja Hand Claws

Use it to climb walls or scratch out your enemies' eyes... your choice!
Consists of 2 hand items and 2 wrist items


Origins of the wood this nunchaku's chukon-bu is made with remain unclear, yet it is strong enough to create a long lasting bruise and to block direct attacks.
Item is attached to your right thigh

Ninja Sai

Smelted and handcrafted in the stealthiest shop, these sai shall be what a ninja truly needs for his duty.
Item is attached to your stomach


A Japanese trademark weapon brought to Toriworld by hampa-san during the Gold Age.
Item is attached to your breast

Don't miss a chance to get Pure & Vulcan joints this month too, as these awesome colors are available with Shiai Color Combo Packs!


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Old Aug 2, 2017   #11
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These are some of my favorite objects ever released already, i might actually seek out tourneys for these. Nice work guys!
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #12
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wow really nice items... i need to gather some more ST now sigh
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #13
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This reference wasn't necessary @sir
Other than this, looks great, good job if
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #14
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Idk, sorry for making a bad comment but I don't really like the items this month. Too much, you know, basic? And sai's are oversized while the katana seems way too much angled, looks like it's barely at the horizontal
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #15
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I am the founder of 3D Set! right ?
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #16
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I remember when I was battling Cobra for a Shiai Token. I was about to DQ you but the time ran out. Instead of getting Shiai, I got 5k Tc. Thought it was worth it back then, not anymore xD
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #17
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Oh wow, these looks pretty neat
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #18
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aren't the shurikens like on the wrong leg? Why would you hang them facing inwards, doesn't make any sense to me

Also the katana looks nothing like a ninja would use, more like something a warrior, for war... and even then the handle's pretty weird. A smaller sword hanging perpendicular to the lumbar would be more appropriate in my opinion (Then again that's also probably where the sais should be)

I wouldn't even be able to draw that thing, it's longer than my arms !!!

Otherwize pretty neat stuff

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Old Aug 2, 2017   #19
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If I were to only get say, the katana, would I be able to trade it if I never unpacked it or is the only tradeable one the ultimate pack?
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Old Aug 2, 2017   #20
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I dont like how high high of an angle the katana is siting at
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