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The Person Behind the Tori
I know the show yourself thread was done away with, but i figured itd be cool to know the person behind the tori. For example: name and a little bit about yourself, and a picture of yourself if you want to share! Its kinda like a clan app in a way, but ill start.

My name is Schylar, im about to be 20 next month. Majority of my time is spent at work. I am an Environmental HAZMAT specialist working 50-60 hours a week and traveling all over the south east U.S. My free time is spent either playing computer games: TB, Rocket League or Csgo are my top 3 right now. Playing golf, or hanging out with my gf. Ill post a few pics of myself below when i get home.


That last picture with the nipple thing was from 2013, Shockey911 requested that from me, its somewhere on these forums already.

Now yall go.
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say no more

my names gabe im 14 currently a freshman in granby high school and its fun i spend most of my time in school or playing game son pc and console or chillin with my gf kelsey thats what i mainly invest my time into <3

take this pic mcsexy


this shit is old af
so roast me all you want <3
Disrespect me get shot in yo throat
die lit
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