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(TRAPGODZ) Believe In God

In God we trust.

clan story

T R A P G O D Z, also known as TRAPGODZ, is an international hip hop collective from Brooklyn, Toribash City. The collective includes, among others, rappers Jody Santana (deceased), A$AP Darky, Shmoney, A$AP Ghana, Rich Homie Matteo, A$AP Rocko, Nomad, Zero, Yung Man, Big Dirty, S-GOD, Blood Bear, along with producers Kristis133, Ferras, MRootz and SainTD.

T R A P G O D Z was formed around 2011 in Brooklyn and was founded by Shmoney, Jody Santana and A$AP Rocko. The group includes non-musical members such as Liar, UGkratos and Internet who act as promoters, photographers, directors and publicists, among other occupations.

aims, goals and other requirements we have to write down so our toriclan doesn't get deleted

To be the best, the very best and be the best there ever was.

Do not post here unless you are either in the clan or have otherwise been given permission to do so.

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Audemus Patria Nostra Defendere
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Clan: NO

clan thread does not meet the basic requirements, if you guys are still active and plan to use this thread in the future, please update it accordingly, and read the clan discussion rules & guidelines
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faint the type of MELANIN-ENHANCED FELLOW to look a bobcat in the eyes
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Clan: Obey

Event Squad | Obey
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i quit
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: What’s Al Qaida’s favorite football team?
A: The New York Jets
Q: What was the last thing going through Mr. Jones’ head when he was working on the World Trade Center’s 90th floor? A: The 91st floor.
Q: What’s the last thing that went through the minds of the 9/11 jumpers?
A: Their ankles.
Q: What color were Mohammed Atta’s eyes?
A: Blue. One blue this way, the other blue that way!
Q: What’s the biggest difference between 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing?
A: Foreigners once again prove they can do it better and more efficiently. Have you heard about the decision about the memorial at the WTC site? The city decided to go with an open park and the worlds largest franchise of the “International House of Pancakes!”
Q: What kind of pizzas did they last order at the World Trade Center?
A: Two large planes!
A man goes to the doctor and the doctor says, “You are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from being in the Pentagon when it was struck by a plane.”
The man says, “Doc, I think I wanna second opinion!”
The doctor says, “OK- your breath stinks!”
What does WTC stand for? – “What Trade Center?”
Q: Who are the fastest readers in the world?
A: New Yorkers. Some of them go through 110 stories in 5 seconds
Q: Why do tourists flock to New York?
A: It’s a blast
The FBI has just identified the man who trained the hijackers: Dale Earnhardt.
The New Name for New York City: “Manflatten”
Today FBI concluded that New York had been hit by a U.F.M (unidentified flying muslim)
Q: What did one terrorist say to the other terrorist before boarding their respective airplanes?
A: I slam, you slam, we all slam for Islam! NEWSFLASH…. The WTC has been destroyed…. thousands of New York executives feared dead…. Hookers all across the city are in mourning…..
Q: Why didn’t Superman stop the planes from hitting the Trade Towers?
A: Because he’s a quadriplegic!
Q: What should have tipped off the ticket sellers?
A: When the terrorists asked if there was anything cheaper than one-way.
Q: What was the quickest escape time from the World Trade Center?
A: Ten seconds flat.

for pissface
what are moths?

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i like this clan

this clan is legendary
m a r d o l a r d o
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gang gang
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under construction
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