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Clan: Digital

(DIGI) Digital
Recruitment Thread (RT)-

Discussion Thread (DT)-
(NEW) Discord:
recruitments will be annual after we reach ten members. they will be the 20th to 25th of every month.

(NEWER) Clan Replay thread (CPT)-

My (Cyk) twitter

DIGI or Digital is a clan with no particular purpose. just have fun and as cheesy as it is, make some friends.

Clan Goals:

-5 Members [ ]
-5 Dilettants [ ]
-2 Journymen [ ]
-1 Master [ ]

all rank changes are judged by me (CYK05) or any Master.

-Green belt or higher, unless skill is proven otherwise.
-No power abuse by any high ranking player. if a player is shown to do this, they will receive a strike, 3 strikes and you are kicked, no exceptions.
-this isn't a rule but be aware; I am a militant Grammar Nazi.
-in clan servers, if a player is determined to be a cancerous player, what I and HammyPanda call a Joao, you will be kicked from the server, if repeated, a strike will be given.
-argument is allowed as long as it's civil and doesn't devolve to name calling.

if you're wondering, the ranking system is inspired by the real world system for ranking Hitmen and actual contract killings, so thats a bit of backstory for ya ;)

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Clan: Digital

well, i've got no clue
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Hi hello, while I appreciate the originality of hiding clues for you clan, you need to add some things to the post in order to adhere to the rules:

Your clan thread

Making your thread is the most creative part of setting up a new clan. There are some must-haves that will be listed here, but keep in mind that anything beyond this is entirely up to you! Cool art, page layout and additional content are all things you can add to make your front page look amazing.

As a minimum though, you must include:

A story or description about your clan
The clan's aims.
If your clan is using a bank, it must be listed clearly.

[!] Without these minimum requirements, clan staff will issue a warning in your thread - if you still do not meet the requirements within 7 days your thread will be closed and you will be infracted.

You've got a week to add them, good luck
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Clan: Digital

please delete this post I would like a clean thread without warnings of shit I did three months ago lol
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