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Rank system
WTF , i have 400 rank , i won some match to a player ranked 11

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Keep an eye on your Elo not rank, rank isnt always in sync with your Elo.

Your Elo will have gone up and his Elo will have gone down, but the server may have checked and the person above him in "rank" had less Elo than him (maybe they lost a game and lost Elo, or he won some games before playing you and it hadnt refreshed yet) so the person you played went up.

The opposite may have been true for you
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ELO is absolutely whack.

Rank and elo are practically separate entities, so even if you beat a rank 1 player as a rank 1000, you won't skyrocket. Your ELO will be boosted slightly and whatever number of people whose ELO's are lower than you now will change your rank.

Hoping this helped.

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