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Tai No Henko Organization
Tai No Henko

Dojo Masters:

Welcome to the Tai No Henko, the art of countering.

We are here to train those who want to learn how to properly play and fight and learn. This is attended for those who are new to the game or who have not played in a long time and would like to recover their skills. For those who have a general understanding of the mechanics of the game though are also welcomed to enroll. This will not only help with aikido game types but also other game types too. This is meant to understand how wrist control and momentum play a huge factor in defeating your opponent. Many of you have seen the pros play, and thats from a lot of practice and understanding. We are here to teach you how to perform at the same level by giving you the tools to fight and become better in Toribash. There is many different ways we will be teaching and it will be based on your performance. For those who want to do private lesson, there is explicit mod types and settings we will be using to help train you. For the normal Public subscriber the dojo will be open to you to use.

We only charge a subscription for weekly of 1k and if you want to private session for training their is a 5k subscription. Please post on here and send 1k or 5k to either Convict or Neunja with message saying which you would like to do. For those who want private session please post times when available. This is not for hangout and it is not a place to bet.

1k for Public Dojo
5k Private

Post all subscriptions here and with message when tc is sent. Will Private message for password to the server for all those who want to join

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I like what you did there! This is going to be really interesting, we might have to work on a couple things but; We are going to do great things with this!!!
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Alright well looks like this is going to be a fun thing to be working with as I will be taking over for Neunja as he is going to be too busy with streaming and other stuff in the community.
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Reminds me a lot of the things Snake used to do. Good luck!
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