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Check out the avatar's I made in the chat thread.
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~Always remember where you came from.
Hello everyone. I'm David, or D3ive, and i was a co leader in this clan. I've been in this clan for a year, and it was a wonderful experience, i enjoyed every bit of it. But every story has an end. And here is mine.

I was playing this game for 4 years now, 2 on this account. I remember how fun it was to play in flooded servers, compete with others in tourneys or duels. This game made me happy, i met so many people, made so many friends. Now TB has changed. It's dead. The game i used to love doesnt make me happy anymore. Now that i'm 17, i have to focus on achieving something in life, and i have no time left to spend here, in TB community. For the past year i didnt even play TB, just logged in from time to time. I was more like a forum guy. Then i got promoted to a co-leader. I think that was my happiest moment in my entire TB playing time. I had so many opportunities, to help the clan, and i really hope i did.

This clan managed to carry me through depression and suicidal thoughts, the people here were always supportive and friendly (GGK you too, you cunt). I want to thank you guys for everything. I'll always respect you Zeus, i'll always love your artworks L3rk, i'll always remember you rubbing your nips on skype, Primal, i'll always hate you, GGK, i'll always dunk better tan you Rayegg , I'll always think you're the dopest OG, Andre, and I'll always love you all. Idk why i made a thread, but since i wrote that much i'll just leave it here. Once again. I remember where I came from. I'm from Origin.

Keep this clan alive Zeus. You're a great man, remember that.
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Why the fuck would you want to leave this trash community?

It hurts my feelings to see you go, I can't even explain. But anyway D3ive, take good care of yourself, hope life treats you in the best-est way possible.
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You have been roasting me ever since you first met me ingame, and i loved every second of it <3

I understand why you are leaving and i appreciate that you made a thread so that you could properly explain it.

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;-; ill miss you man and you wish RIP the God D3ive
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