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Hello Members of All Stars

My name is EvolvedER, known as Dylon among my friends. Im 17 and I have been playing Toribash for about 2 years I think, maybe longer.
Im an Athlete and I am into many sports. I Love gaming for hours over end and I am a pretty competitive guy. I am not the salty kind but I can say I am one pretty ducked up human when it comes to humour

My reason for picking All Stars, well I was with the clan since the start of it really, and I have been with it since until I was in an accident causing me unable to use my computer therefore causing me to be inactive.

I do graphic design and video editing so I believe I can defiantly contribute to the clan in those areas as well as leadership, I took several leadership courses in 2/3 countries, as I was a Youth Leader in a group known as "ELEVATE"

My Specific skills would be the following:
- Art & Graphic Design
- Video Editing
- Aikidobigdojo as main mod

My Previous Clans were | Reason For Leaving

Laws Of Entropy | Clan Became Inactive
The Abyss | Clan Became Inactive
All Stars | Inactive

Unfortunately I do not have any saved replays of me so if I am to make it to trials, you could test my skill there.

Thank you members for your time

Kind Regards to [AS]All Stars Members


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Accepted as Trial Member

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Hey There
I'm iPoor
I come from Indonesia (GMT + and I'm 19 soon to be 20.
I'm in college rn, taking informatics (computer science) as my major.

A Little History of Mine
It was 2010, when I still a middle schooler, my brother (my twin actually) and my friend started playing this game and they asked me to play too since the 3 of us always play together. I forgot what was my first acc name but as time goes on, they started to get bored and leave TB while I still enjoy the game.
At one moment, I'm feeling so desperate at earning TCs, and so to bring my spirit back, I made this acc. iPoor was originally inspired by a player named iRich (who is not rlly that rich). Idk why I pick the name tho, probably cos I was never be rich and never think that I'd be rich lol.

I love sports, I do mostly all of sports, doesn't mean I'm good at it lol. Among all the sports I mostly like Badminton. I also play basket ball sometimes in my college after a class. I also like watching movies, playing a game, and lately I started to enjoy wathcing anime. I can't play sports as much as I could rn, it's due to the college ofc

My fav mod is ABD, aikido, and greykido. I was actually inactive and active again 1-2 months ago. Before my inactivity I remember I used to spar a couple times and do parkour with my twins for just having fun.
Currently, I mostly play abd and sometimes boxshu. I rlly enjoy betting server, I got some huge profit from it a couple times xD. And I also host betting server couple times. I remember that I made a betting server and my TC was only 1.7k and when the server dead, I have 200k , it was a straight
9 hours betting server, longest that I've ever hosted lol.
Oh, I just remembered, one of the reason that I gone inactive is bcos I lost a 140k duel lmao.

When I'm ingame, I'll also on forum.
Mostly I checked Art threads since I rlly appreciate arts.
It's kinda sad that when I got back, all of my fav artist are gone

Clan History
Aeon - I was inactive
Attack - The clan is inactive and I can't understand russian at all lmao

Reasons to Join [AS]All Stars
I want to join bcos this clan seems to be active. I met some of the members ingame often. Most of the members are rlly cool xD. And also, currently I'm kinda lost in tb, idk what else to do, I have no goals to achieve, and I see that one of this clan goal is to be a number 1 clan and I'll be very happy to add that to my empty Goal

PS : I won't attach any replay since all my replays are gone and I very rarely saved a replay

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Accepted as Trial Member.

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My application
Hello fellow members!


Hi, I'm Busngi, I live in Philippines UTC+08:00. 16 years old


I've been playing this game since 2016/15, I saw this game when Markiplier played it. And then I got so addicted to it when i downloaded it. I got White to Blue in my previous account. I played in an internet cafe and my friends were watching me play, so I let them play (I was the son of the owner of the internet cafe) and we really got addicted to it so we played for days and months. We will attend tournaments cause my friends were so greedy with Tori Credits. I've earned or bought tons of Tori Credits, they say I'm an unbeatable God since they were beginners they call me that. Which I was really happy about cause they said I improved rapidly through the days we were playing. So yeah that's my story!

Reason for applying for this clan.

I wanna join this clan because the players are so good so I might learn from them too, that's not just the only reasons I wanna help the team in participating in clan leagues.

Council Moderated Message:
PM one of the Leaders for a reason.

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