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Child Euthanasia
Euthanasia, which is the practice of intentionally ending life in order to relieve the patient of their pain and suffering, is a particularly controversial topic in which many parties bring in their individual biases and opinions on how end-of-life care should be carried out. This topic in particular has grown interest in recent years with the start of minors participating in this practice. Belgium amended a law in 2014 to legalize euthanasia for minors. They were the second nation to ever do so following the Netherlands. However, unlike the Netherlands, Belgian physicians are under scrutiny because euthanasia is allowed for patients under the age of 12. After lethal injections to Belgian minors - aged 9, 11, and 17 respectively - questions have risen regarding whether euthanasia should even be an option for minors. However, it is important to note that euthanasia requests need to meet a specific set of requirements to be granted. These include confirming that the minor is terminally ill and in a state of suffering, and that they (the minor) is mentally capable of requesting euthanasia. Moreso, the consent of a parent is also required.

The questions I'd like to pose are: whether you think children should have the option to request euthanasia, and if parents should have a say in their childrens' request (if not, then who should have the ultimate authority).

Here are some articles that I read prior to submitting this thread.
Washington Post
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Generally speaking there is no reason why child euthanasia shouldn't be a thing. It's really stupid if you have to wait until your 18th birthday to be willingly euthanized.

As for who should have the authority, I think all 3 parties (child, parent, and doctor/hospital) should agree with the decision before proceeding, since those are all of the parties involved.

People doing strikes against this honestly have no argument to give. If someone wants to leave this world and their relatives consent to it, who's to say that it's wrong? People strike for the stupidest shit ever these days. If you love life then go ahead and treasure people around you, don't shove your morals down other people's throats.
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Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
People doing strikes against this honestly have no argument to give.

i think the motive behind these people's opinion is religion and nothing more.

anyway, i looked the requirements that must be met to do such a thing and i think its fair enough. i mean, if someone is suffering,going to die soon and there is nothing that can cure them i don't see any problem then.

Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
Generally speaking there is no reason why child euthanasia shouldn't be a thing. It's really stupid if you have to wait until your 18th birthday to be willingly euthanized.

acually one of the requirements is that you wont be able to live more than 6 months so its useless to age restrict such a thing because minors are not going to reach the required age anyway.

and if you were 12 having a life threatening desease and suffering but will be able to reach the age of 18 you may be lucky enough that a cure is made in these 6 years. its a possibility that your suffering will end without having to give up your life.

so yeah, its pretty much impossible to get a valid argument against eutahanasia as it is now.
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Even though I am pro-euthanasia, try to put yourself in the trigger puller's shoes. How would you feel killing someone? How would you feel if your job required you to kill multiple people? It's traumatising.
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Well to be honest if I put myself in their shoes, I feel I would find myself at peace.
To be suffering to the point of not wanting to live anymore is a terrible feeling, and the fact that these are terminal illnesses that cannot be cured only makes it worse.

By ending their suffering I would feel im doing them a service.

The only counter argument I can think of is that kids do not have the correct mental capacity to make such enormous decisions. The average human brain is not fully developed until 25, and decision making capabilities are very very limited in the teenage years. It is similar to allowing little children to be on hormones to change their gender, when they are not fully capable of making the decision.
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call me fucked up but i'm one of those people who would rather the option wasn't on the table if i got that ill
perhaps the death can be prolonged with a few months, and a breakthrough or new treatment option be made available in that time, if so only to further prolong the lifespan and increase the chances of a bigger breakthrough to happen
i dont put much value in a dignified death, or "he's in a better place now" ways of thinking

there might be an issue here with families not being able to afford 4 months of dying in a hospital though, in which case i'd perhaps concede the responsible thing of an ill father to do would be accept his death and rescue his family from horrendous debt by cutting his hospital stay short.

not a workplace id like to be anywhere near, that's for sure
i guess my big thing is i'd want the patients to have to be terminally ill by tomorrows standards, not just todays
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