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Originally Posted by yuki View Post
lmfao, i think that's the first time i'm seeing Sora not liking an isekai shōnen anime. He's growing well

but this season looks poor.. Hope SnK doesn't fuck up

And the first Isekai dropped
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Originally Posted by Angels View Post
Senpai > ogata > sensei > rest gurl

You wanna fight about this
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been reading dorohedoro, fuck me the art is so good. cool characters too


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Originally Posted by basic View Post
just caught up with beastars and chainsawman

beastars is great, and im not a furry. the characters are likable and unique, the plot being about carnivores coexisting with hervibore animals leads to interesting interactions that can also be horrifying. MC is kinda autistic but probably the most likable character, unless you absolutely hate wolves for some reason. theres also a looot of good character development. it has serious moments, fun and wholesome moments, "oh FUCK!" moments and the art is good!
everyone will tell you it's zootopia for big boys and it's pretty spot on. so if you liked zootopia you might like this too

in conclusion:

i dont have much to say about chainsawman since its pretty new but its funny so far and it reminds me a bit of tokyo ghoul

Beastar is awesome, its enjoyable read to even a non furry reader with in depth world of herbivore and carnivore... Wait i am just retelling it with another word, but yeah it is a great read. I heard that there will be an anime for that soon, it's a 3d animation thought and sometimes anime with 3d animation is a hit or miss


Isekai is like a guilty pleasure read for me lmao
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it's a 3d animation thought and sometimes anime with 3d animation is a hit or miss

it's the same studio that did houseki no kuni.
They are pretty competent with 3d animation especially when it comes to action scenes, i don't give a fuck about beastars but if you like it, it might be worth it.
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gotta say.. Ep. 7 of diamond no ace act 2 was really, really epic. the chills, the soundtrack...

Mei's a legend.

Originally Posted by WeooWeoo View Post
Also, yeah Yuki. Theres only a few that I'm interested in: We never Learn, Attack on Titan, and Demon Slayer

ya, sarazanmai is getting a strange hype.. what's rolling !¿
and i just realized that it is on my to watch list.
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