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Abusive Moderation + GenkiSudo is no more.

This is GenkiSudo speaking through my bro's account. I have been banned supposedly due to posting a horrorcore music video which was composed mainly of class-b horror/gore film footage in a topic requesting music of the said type.

To sum it up: I think Toribash might as well change its motto from "Violence perfected" to "Violence not allowed". Oh the irony.

I want this topic not to be just about me, but about anyone who had the same thing happening to them.

A bit of history: I arrived in this forum in 2007, even though I was playing Toribash way before than that, when it was only just a shareware demo (not freeware as it is now). And so now this abusive ban - even though its temporary - dictates the end of my participation here because I no longer want to invest more of my time in this community ruled by some mindless people.

Why I say that, you ask? Because, IMO, this forum is getting increasingly populated by childish moderators who have no sense whatsoever of what to do with their forum powers, who I doubt to have the maturity to even display the qualities of a responsible and knowledgeable citizen within their local communities, let alone being policemen online, but hey, thats another story completely, and there are still good moderators in this forum and those deserve my respect and do not live inside a bell jar.

I do not accept this ban as justifiable and I do not want to simply have it lifted and proceed as if it never happened, while other people will continue to get banned, just like me, by abusive moderators who think they are moderating a "Teletubbies meet Justin Bieber" type of forum.

With this said, I urge anyone who suffers from abusive moderation to do the same as me and to not accept it passively and silently, and ponder leaving the forum too until a proper place for a big teletubbies party is all that's left.

And so now I let this topic here to be a discussion on abusive moderation. Speak your mind not on me, but on all people who have been suffering from abusive moderation.

Bye everybody. To some: maybe we might see each other on some other game, so cya.
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Dude, that video was really disturbing. I'm usually against bans for inappropriate content, but video of people actually dying crosses the line.
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Closed because the video showed complete nudity, which is on grounds for a ban as well. Sorry mate, that's a wrap.
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Genki, you are only banned for a week, cope with it, it isn't that long. Don't freak out on us, it won't help you, or us in any way.
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