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Old Jun 9, 2010   #11
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I meet some people online and IRL and it seems it's just a reflection of themselves represented in a slightly different way. You can still see and feel under their grammar and other things that make them, them.

I think the people who put on persona's are the people who say "LOL" hardcore and way to often, or is very disruptive and obnoxious.

Some people aren't even shy in real life or on the computer. Maybe they are just bored of themselves and try to be something slightly different, but still a representation of yourself because someone can't possibly truly be different from themselves.

You should have the same attitude and everything online because I don't see why you shouldn't unless you are trying to be someone else.

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Personally, i find myself in being MUCH more outgoing when behind a monitor. I'm shy and a bit socially awkward in real life, and while the awkwardness might still remain, the shyness vanishes on the internet. Probably because there is a vast difference between looking at an avatar plus some written text and looking at someones face and hearing what they're saying. On the internet, it's dead easy to hide emotions, and you have all the time in the world to ponder your next move, but when talking to someone, you can't just mask your emotions like that, because people generally expect a reply from you pretty quickly.

So yeah, long story short, if you removed all shyness from my real personality, you'd have an almost perfect match on my internet personality.
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Old Jun 9, 2010   #13
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Probably the most common persona would be cases of people being insecure in real life, but then, on the internet, they become internet tought guys.
like sprooj.
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@ Shook good for you for being very honest in your post. from limited personal experience I can say I have met two people from tb irl Rutz and Harl and they are both exactly the same. Well Rutz is very shy at first but it didn't take long for him to feel comfortable lol.
I have spoken to a number of others on the phone gman, hampa, ect and most of them appear the same except hampa who bless him is very shy.
I think I am probably worse and more extrovert irl.
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I'm awesome pretty much everywhere. It's less effective on the interent because you cant see or hear me being awesome.
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I feel like when I am on the internet, my personality gets amplified.
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In real life i have a hard time looking people in the eyes, so with the internet that problem is solved, for the rest of it im pretty much thesame, though i think it is logical that allmost everyone communicates a little differently, especially on the forum ( more time to think about what you are going to say ) which means more detailed and specific answers and questions.

Also i can understand people pretending to be tough or with attitudes like they dont care about anything, i think these people think that everyone online is pretending to be something they are not, so they just play it the way they think is safe. Which would the smart thing to do, and allmost everyone likes to think of themselves as smart, and be looked at thesame way.

I think being one of few real people amongst a sea of scared pretenders can be scary, and i think that fear turns most of the initial real people into "internet tough guys".
People throw stones twice as fast online, you can get jumped for having an opinion of your own or being different in any way, way more easy online. While in "real life" people already judge and throw stones like crazy.

I think it is allways different talking to someone without his/her face, posture or intonation. Things already change when it is talking trough a phone.
I choose to "try" to be myself everywhere because i believe this world would at least be 100 times better if people would not hide who they truly are and not ridicule those who dare to be.

But i think i got in way to deep with my post, sorry about that :P
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Originally Posted by m0o View Post
I'm awesome pretty much everywhere. It's less effective on the interent because you cant see or hear me being awesome.

I'm totally the same way.

One of my friends from the streets told me i am totally awesome in person but a real dick online.

Oh well.

It's liek shook said, less shyness, or reservation while sharing my thoughts online, as opposed to in person.

In person, we're not dealing with ONLY words, we're also dealing with actions.

Online the only actions that exist are clicking, typing, and hacking, which consists of specific clicks and keystrokes.

That said, the internet is like a universal mind-nothing rationally stopping anyone from sharing their thoughts and there is nothing forcing anyone to read or act on these thoughts. it's all just a bunch of words.

Whereas in person, your words are just words, but you are in a place where actions speak louder than ALL CAPS. You're suddenly in a place where if someone doesnt like the thoughts you're sharing, there's nothing but themselves to stop them from decking you one, or worse.

In person, we are far more encouraged to consider our words more carefully before sharing them than we ever could be online... unless we're hooked up to it like the matrix... god forbid...

Overall, i would have to say that it's easier to "be yourself" online than off, but it's harder to earn respect for being yourself online than off.
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Old Jun 10, 2010   #19
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I'd like to think I'm pretty much as annoying and obnoxious in everyday life as I am on here. I'm quiet around a few choice people but I'm usually pretty outgoing. I don't mind saying awkward things for a laugh without the guarantee I'll get them. :v
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I'm pretty much the same person irl and online, however, there are some things I don't really express irl. Like, calling someone a niggercunt irl is a big deal.

Also I'm pretty introverted, score of about 90 on Jung, but I'm able to talk to people and generally be social. Dunno whats up with that.
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