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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battle royale style survival shooter that is currently in early access.


Gameplay description
The concept is you start on a large plane with 99 other players and you must land on this abandoned island full of cities, ruins, underground structures and a military base (everyone goes to the fucking military base).
When landed on the island you must find gear to fight and kill the other 99 players.
During this process a shrinking circle will appear forcing you and all the other players to move closer and closer as the circle moves in until there's only one person left.
The last man standing will be rewarded a good ol' chicken dinner!

There's 2 gamemodes, first person perspective and third person perspective which can all be played either solo, in duos or in squads(3-4 players).
At this point in time there's only one map with multiple weather conditions including sunny, rain and fog(which really changes the way the game plays out).
A new desert city map has been announced but no release date has been set so far.


If anyone feels like playing with me feel free to add me on steam or discord: / nyse#9095

There's also a reddit community discord which is great for finding squads that actually communicate with you:
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I like both tpp and fpp
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i like both but prefer fpp
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motivation to play well vs approaching stat reset

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