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Old Sep 25, 2017   #641
These figs
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Tell me comrade how do you make things explode so fucking easily. You weren't even moving fast.

good job is all I can say, something cool
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Old Sep 25, 2017   #642
it is i Belt
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Originally Posted by pusga View Post

Why do you even post honestly? What cnc do you need?
Replay was perfect minus the head bruise, absolutely flawless.
This is why your Toribash Legend title is well deserved.
Well done

EDIT: I didn't even realize you headbutt split him! 10/10 man!
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Old Sep 26, 2017   #643
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I liked it but it didn't feel quite pusga to me, I think it had to do with the slower speed and more use of hold(?)

That chestboom was impressive
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Old Sep 26, 2017   #644
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That's alot of booms.
Nice headbutt split.
Real nice 5 dm boom
Real nice 4 dm boom
Very nice uke head smash thing.
Very good.
Good job.
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Old Sep 28, 2017   #645
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I can't think of anything that would have made that replay better.
the head catch + using it as a weapon was very nice. Boomhits were great, too, obviously.

Im glad to see youre not one of the many players that stop playing as soon as they gain legend status :>
also thats a very creative opener. never seen something like that.
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Happy new replay
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oh yeah
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #647
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Its cool. I don't like the starter tho.
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honestly i have never seen a 4dm boom using another part of ukes body
really great and i loved the little run to break the ankle looks so smooth and like you did that by accident its seems like you get the dms really easily
opener not a big fan
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