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hi, im learning how to make a good replay, cnc allowed
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Here's what I think:

In your opener, you contracted and extended your left knee which doesn't look very good. You look very slow but I don't know if this is a style or nah. Two of your dms are from grabs. I would advice not to do this. The other 2 that are not from grabs are gotten by kicking with the shin and not the foot, try to always get your foot/hand to touch first when you hit/dm something. The chest dm was ok though...I think. Then your pose, your pose was ok but when you executed for it you looked very stiff.

So yeah just try to adjust engage distance to get more momentum, use relax more and keep practicing. So... 6.5/10

DISCLAIMER: More people could be better at commenting so...yeah.
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Well, this replay is cool and all but rlly all i see is your two hands
bashing uke as u kinda float your lower body around.
keep in mind what do u think a great replay to be, u can have it in -9 grav
or u can go -30.00 grav or any u choose and u can choose to set the distance
too, like he said u twitched a bit in the replay but im not exactly cnc'ing your
movement, but your whole replay setup and mindset in general, so what im
thinking is maybe u should add a goal or something in the replay like for example,
"im gonna set up a 360 kick and boom his chest area then follow up" or u can go manip style,
theres so many ways to make good replays but ill tell u a few that i can name off hand:
Fluidity; Fluidity of movement is like # 1 key usually for most replay makers,
because twitching around is not always that fun to watch i guess.
Smooth/distinguished hits; making your hits hard fast and smooth add
good aggressiveness feel and shows your style of striking to a replay.
and last but not least,
STYLE; style is how u want your tori overall to look ingame,
always add your special touch or maybe a certain way of footwork
or maneuvering.

the reason i got in depth a little here with this cnc is to give u a
good concept on what is considered a "good replay" in the community.
I remember seeing u around in servers all the time back in the day (2012-14)
and used to aikido with u as well so its nice to see another old familiar face.
hope this help u bud. pm me if u have anymore questions
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