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Remove mandatory CnC rule in Art board
The rule that posts in the art board must offer CnC is silly.

It's narrowing the kinds of reactions that people are allowed to post in response to the art. Sometimes people just wanna say 'Woah, that's sick dude, keep it up'. They don't wanna go into some deep critical analysis of the art. From the perspective of the artist, we don't need a review from everybody, we just wanna see how people respond to our art.

Unfortunately, in the name of 'quality' posts, threads in the board don't get many replies, if any. Not many people wanna post their response to the art because of this restrictive rule.

I know I'm not the only one who neglects posting in the Art board cus of this.
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The rule was implemented because at the time, the art board WAS getting hundreds of posts a day, and a large portion of them were "nice 10/10"
People were using it as a way to get their post count up.
It was implemented to encourage discussion, not prevent it.

There used to be an anecdote next to the rule basically saying that anything other than "nice 10/10" was chill.

If the rule is actively getting in the way and is being badly moderated(which I think is more the case) then that sounds cool, get rid of it.
If it turns out that people are still shit and need to be told how to behave, then figure out a clearer way of explaining the rule.

Originally Posted by suomynona View Post
I don't agree with opening it all the way up to "Woah, that's sick dude, keep it up" all on its own, but "Woah, that's sick dude, that's a great bass line" would be scratching the minimum of what I'd consider acceptable and I also think it's reasonable to expect people to be able to post in that range.

I think in a case like this, it SHOULD be subjective.
A moderator should be aware of whats being said in their board, if one user posted this on something that was really good, I'd have let that slide.
But If the top 4 threads where all posts by the same user saying the exact same thing, then yeah, slap him on the wrist/gently remind him of things.

And the idea of adding ANOTHER tag for CNC and using that tag to limit what is said in a thread sounds dumb and even more restrictive than "no shitposting"
It was bad enough when I forced people add [tex] to every thread.

Same as the "post what art programs you used"
Although that was removed in the past, if its been re-added, then I assume there was an influx of people starting and ending their posts with "what program did you use?"
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