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Toribash: How to twinswords
First for twin-swords is easy try and relax and move your arms and feet fast and if it's hard to find a move improvise and eventually you'll make a move up out of now where. The goal of twin-swords is easy, destroy him and don't D.Q. Ohkay now I'm gonna teach you all a little thing about falling if u relax your whole body and make your swords go towards you, you fall a hell of a lot and plus if your enemy doesn't know this then your in the jackpot. Try use your torso to make your body move faster ,try testing new things out on uke and remember people don't stand still, so you need to think of an idea for everything that could happen. Now I'm gonna teach you one really good move to use on them noobs ohkay, first press c, extend both pecs, rotate chest right, right bend lumbar, contract abs, extend left hip and contract right hip and extend both glut's. That should two shot any noob. Two last tips don't quit half way through and keep on changing your move a bit and a bit.
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Ehh tuts alright just hard to read you should organize it a bit better.For that move start new paragraph and number the moves.I can see its your first tut.Just make it easier to read.
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"Don't stand still"
You can counter about 90% of the moves used in official twinsword by standing still the first turn. Tutorial should be better organized for easier reading.
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