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Yet another ''you broke the rules so you get banned...''

What about thinking about your rules before enforcing them? There is no compromise, the ban was just wrong and stupid.

What practical use is there in prohibiting me from selling TC? I literally got banned because I tried to follow the current system as thoroughly as I could(because, again, nobody would even notice if I dismissed the system completely, which happened with Shmevin, for example). Never scammed anyone, didn't do anything bad, had to spend a lot my of time arguing agianst stubborn staff enforcing a useless rule, but I can't even apply to be verified?!

And, after all, the ban was 30 days and it got lifted after 2 days of arguments. I think, if the ban is lifted, then it means acknowledgment it being wrong. Why should I suffer the consequences of it, as if it was an actual rightly handed out ban?

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Originally Posted by Natejas View Post
There'd have to be incentives for buying from nabi as I'd assume they'd sell at a higher rate but include daily sale items and Nabi could potentially make money as well.

Any good banker would tell Nabi to just take percentages from the sellers. :P
Don't even know how big the market for this is though, so no idea if considering building the necessary tools is even worth paying the programmer to do it.

But building a tool that quickly checks if a TC vendor owns enough TC for a transaction should be pretty straight forward.
How are you?
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