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Old Apr 5, 2018   #31
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Toribash is definitely not dead; it's just a small, close-knit community. This game has no advertising, so it's no surprise there's not many new players finding the game. The game simply hasn't been introduced to a new generation of players, in combination with older players slowly moving on in life and not having much time for tb anymore.

Major props to the staff though; they are doing a great job with all the new items and all the events and stuff. I think the future looks bright for Toribash once Next comes out as long as it has a bit of advertising. There should be a GoFundMe page for Toribash Next, because I'd happily donate a couple dollars if it's gonna help get Toribash out into the world, and I'm sure plenty other people would be willing to help out too.
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cutterchop: It looks dead because you think it looks dead and you're ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

See Wikipedia.

That said, it is smaller than it once was, but given the trends I've seen over the years, I wouldn't say it's dead.
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Originally Posted by cutterchop View Post
In short its dying fun fact 2014 there was 14 k members on now what 100 players and u still are ignoring the fact

this is the only real argument you've made in this whole thread, and it isn't even true!
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To end this argument I'll present an idea y'all probably haven't considered. it has somehow become a trend to call toribash dead, there can be 200 members in-game and people will still say it's dead, when in reality toribash and the community is still thriving.
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Old Apr 8, 2018   #35
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Just my two cents, I think some parts of the community are thriving while others are lacking. Looking at some of the older clans and the music/computer off topic sections, it's apparent that they are very slow. On the contrary, new clans seem to be the hot spot for discussion right now.

Looking at the community as a whole, It's not as big as it use to be. I know from my position that there's always an influx of new people (most don't stay), but still.
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I agree, but you can't really expect any community to stay highly active consistently, it has fluctuated over the years but it's also been more dead than it is now, therefore. Def not dead.
Imo anyways

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it's not dead it's dying off
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From the outside looking in after 2 years not of playing, returning to the game and noticing that there is not enough concurrent players in-game in the daytime to form a serviceable gambling server or even duel against points towards this game being as good as dead.
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its dead
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