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Originally Posted by AssassinPro View Post
Gotta add that ORMO[Parrot] in front of the name if I can remember to do it

This is as well. I wear my ORMO[duck] tag with pride in my replays
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i had to bump this lmao:
1- always use tf 1 in mm and tricking and tf 5 in parkour with no shiftspace when i messup
2-sometimes i come with good shits but if i'm feeling bored at the moment i will just scrap and not save it.
3- i never have an idea of what i'm going to do, i just start with some random shit and go with the flow
4- i also like to /lp s cuz i like nu textures
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How I might name replays early in the summer of 2013. I made like 8 billion branches to this like a tree btw. This is only Assault v2s.

Me, an intellectual after 2013

I just name a replay aasd then after that aasddfg then after that aasddfgrtcxv then after that aasddfgrtcxvuigbh. Now if aasddfgrtcxvuigbh is where I want to work on I then do aasddfgrtcxvuigbh1 and start adding numbers. If there are too many numbers it becomes aasddfgrtcxvuigbh12sfd3. The reason behind this is I really don't want the replay saves to overwrite as much as possible. I used to do "a" then "aaaaaaa" but there are only so many letters in the alphabet.

There were more but I moved computer like 5 times and thousands of randomly named replays were lost FeelsBadMan
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