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Toribash's Best Event. IN PROGRESS
With the purge just being a few weeks ago I had an idea about an event, and I wanted to see what people thought of my event idea.

It would be a event hosted between a few days so multiple time zones could participate and people could work around their real life schedule. It'd be a "heat" style tournament with the last 5 players advancing to the next round. It would be a point system like the Purge event hosted a few weeks back but with more points awarded for more competition in the last few rounds. 5 points for first, 4 points for 2nd, so on and so forth with 5th getting a single point. This would allow people take make great comebacks within the competition. It would be ranked mods only. Yes I understand that this is more of a Esports type competition. I believe right now this would strive within the community with the talk of who are the best players in what mods right now. 1 Single mod wouldn't be locked like most tournaments but it would use the modlist feature (/modlist add (enter ranked mod here).tbm). to provide more variety and to show skill over multiple mods. I do have a way to make sure that players aren't playing the same mods over and over by shuffling every 5 matches. This will also keep players from being able to play the system to their advantage. For the competitive nature that this event would bring prizes would be big, TC and Items most likely. Maybe some rare art if I can get my hands on any before this takes place or gets scrapped. I also know their is a lot more I have to figure out and sent in stone before any of this can take place.
I would like to hear some feed back and opinions about this style of event. If its a terrible idea and you have reason to back it up let me know! I wanna see the communities thoughts about this. Leave any opinions about it below.
Main points added for simplicity:
-5 point system, progressive knock-out style, 5 players from the first heats would get into finals/semi-finals depending on how many sign up.
-Multiple Lobbies hosted for multiple time zones.
-Mod list used for ranked mods, sheer skill.
-It'd be a sign up event, No entry fee, strictly for the community.
-Big prizes.

More details to come while this event is still a work in progress.
Oh and yeah, the reason this isn't a events thread instead:
-Looking for discussions about how this can be better executed to keep the experience smooth and flowing instead of choppy and "out-of-rhythm".
-Looking for a discussions about how this would competitively affect the community as a whole.
-Not 100% if this is going to be taking place.

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I feel like special mods should be made.

Example: TPL for Grappling
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making new mods would be a hassle would require players to learn the best way to play them. if the event is about sheer skill, you’d want them to actually be able to showcase said skill in mods that everyone knows and loves right?
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I thought about custom mods for it in the early stages, but frankly I don't have that kind of connection with any of the mod makers for advice on making competitive balanced mods that everyone would enjoy.

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