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Neck of the Woods
Pointless Introduction: Mother Nature is quite strange. Weather plays a big deal in how people live day by day. Some places I'm sure see it very abnormal, and others... probably nothing out of the norm.

Here in Ohio, US. We have some weird weather when it comes to hot and cold temperatures. It was a high of 70F (20 or 21C I think), and we had severe thunderstorms with tornado touchdowns around the area. The next day, it fluctuated around 32F (0C) and snowed. Our weather here is abnormal and continues to confuse me though it happens all the damn time - regardless of the time of year. Other than our weather, there's just corn and amusement parks.

So, I wanted to start a thingy and see some weird shit that goes on around your area of the world.

TL ; DR - Weather here is wack, yo. Whats going on where you live? Whether it be weather, festivals, spooky myths etc.
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Let see... Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, won't lose on the weirdness scale. Our average temperature are 32C (90 F) for the highest and 25 C (80F) for the lowest.
And weather could be confusing at times, at one moment it was sunny days with high temperature then change to storm in split second with lowest temperature and change again to sunny day within a day.

Sometimes, i just wish the weather can be a bit more predictable so i can do my things at ease. This weather which leads me to prefer indoor than outdoor, of course this isn't happen all year long but when its happen... It really sucks
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here in ireland it just rains a lot. it did snow in the beginning of march iirc, and then in the middle of march it snowed a little bit too.

but in latvia, where im from it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. spring and autumn are just warm months
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I had snow this tuesday but yesterday and today i could walk with nothing but a T-shirt and jeans, weather is weird.
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its so fucking hot get me out of here
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Cape Town is going in to winter
2 weeks ago it was a lovely 25 degrees C, clear skies etc
1 week ago it was 28 degrees and we had a massive thunder/lightning storm
today its clear skies, but im wrapped in a blanket, 20 degrees C

Coldest place on earth.
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Old Apr 10, 2018   #7
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In Mississippi it’s like a cycle.

Cold hot cold bad weather. Repeat. It’s fucking weird idk
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It hailed or snowed where in Las Vegas a few week ago, which is pretty weird considering it is in the middle of the desert and gets crazy hot.
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Brazil, São Paulo.
Lately we have been in a cycle of hot days and cold nights.
Not complaining though. During the common weather you can't walk 6 meters on the road without sweating or even sleep with the thinnest of the blankets.
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Lithuania has been having some weird weather this year I suppose, got down to -32C 2 months ago and now it's +25C.

Global warming is here my friends
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