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Rip Ocean
He died last month in a car accident. His name was Jack.
I knew him back from the Toribash Radio days, cheerful guy. Lately we've been hanging out on the Relax All discord, watching movies and stuff.
His profile.
Rest in peace buddy, you will be missed.

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Big bad bully :'(
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Rest in peace.

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Rest in peace, James.
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Damn I’ll miss him, we had so many fun times together
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farewell buddy
Dot dot dot
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Thats sad to hear. Rest in peace.
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I didn't care for him much when he played but still sucks to see a kid that young die

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Rest in heaven bro bro, hot box in the sky box.
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iirc viddah told me about a week ago, still said to hear it for the 2nd time, rip
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Rip my fren
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