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Clan: Evil

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Isn't it OK to copy and paste my own work?it doesn't seem like anything is wrong
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[Dyspo's Application to Evil]

Hello my Evil companions I am Dyspo. I literally just returned to Toribash at the request of my brother Raven. We both took a leave of absence mine do to work and school and him because he is awful and was starting to lose IRL money to this game by dueling it away. I want to start of by letting you all know that he is in Adventure. I want to clear that up because I assume you guys do background checks and I do not want you to think that he is trying to double clan.

I ultimately introduced him to this game back in 2009, how ever I never really got to seriously get into it as much because as you probably know he wasn't the greatest of users. Getting himself put on ban on site made it really hard for me to play cause the admins always assumed I was just one of his many alts that he has. Which was a pain but I understand the moderators problem with a person creating alts to scam etc.

If you guys know him you will notice that I am quite different, I am a mellow person who just likes to vibe and hang out. Though don't get me wrong I really enjoy dueling/betting but you won't see me getting mad at lifts, runs, etc. I play with the free currency so losing isn't a huge issue. I usually don't flame but I also don't tolerate bullshit if you want to argue I'll argue but you won't catch me going after someone and flaming them.

Now I want to join Evil because when I started playing this game in 2009 this was the clan I was ultimately trying to join but at the time neither my skill level nor my forum activity was at the level it needed to be to maintain the great reputation that Evil has. Now however now that I can safely play with out being judged or accused of being the same person as my brother I am going to be very forum active and hopefully become a big part of this clan here called Evil.

In conclusion, I want to be a member of Evil as a start to make good friends with you all and vibe and just ultimately chill and build my reputation with Evil as my clan tag. I would be proud to call you all not only clan mates but my friends.

Also, I am Evil

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Clan: Evil

Multi-clanning and alts are not welcome. Don't post here again.
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