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WHEREAS: The peer-to-peer cash-for-TC exchange market (henceforth referred to as the Exchange) has for too long been run by randomness, and the going price set by the whims of those without our best interest in mind.

AND WHEREAS: When organized, we can work together to return the cash-for-TC exchange to the status quo ante, and to secure a better financial outcome for all verified sellers.

AND WHEREAS: We, the verified sellers, have the credits, and therefore have the power.

RESOLVED, THEN: That this resolution shall serve as a charter for the COALITION OF VERIFIED SELLERS, henceforth referred to as the CVS.

RESOLVED: That the CVS will use its collective power to control the price of TC in the Exchange.

RESOLVED: That the price of TC in the Exchange will be set either by vote or by the elected or appointed leader(s) of the CVS, and that all members of the CVS will sell TC in the Exchange at the prescribed price.

AND FINALLY RESOLVED: That by stating your allegiance and claiming membership of the CVS, you agree to abide by the prescribed price.

As of 3 September, 2019, there are 25 members of CVS and 136 total verified sellers. Join us!

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count me in N*GGA

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count me in NI**A
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I am not joining cause i am broke and will always be broke, have a good day pilgrim
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where do i pick up my medications
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Ok yes
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I appreciate the effort and PM, but I'm going to sell at the rate that people actually want to buy at.
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Yh sure fuck it mate why not
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gotta save the amazon
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count me in NI**A
pm me your questions or applications

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