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music update (please comment)
I'm adding some new commands for music playing

music queue add hampa slainvet uke tori
music queue list
music queue clear
music queue shuffle
music on/off
music pause
music stop
music play
music play hampa
music play hampa/track1.ogg
music volume 0-100
music download hampa

Players would have music/replays/shaders in their own custom folders, and you can load them if you want.

Anything you want in there?
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This sounds amazing, specially because it can be exploited for lua scripting.
multiple texture uploader! updated: multiple texture remover!
updated pretty colorlist!

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Is there music now? Because if so I'm not hearing it!
But this idea sounds cool! more personalization.
Life's a bitch, so I spayed it!
So is there music now? Because I'm not hearing any!
But this idea sounds good. Adds more personalization!

Delete this. for some reason my earlier post did not show. So I typed it again. oops. Sorry!
Life's a bitch, so I spayed it!