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Ranked Servers
Alright, so firstly, I'm well aware that ranked servers exist. That isn't where this is going. I recently got Platinum Tier and did so mostly through the ranked servers that exist, the issue is now that my elo is >1631 I can no longer play in those servers so my suggestion is introducing more ranked servers that have different elo cutoffs so like a server for 0-1631, server for Gold tier - elo needed for diamond tier and then a server for platinum tier(1631) - 2000 for platinum tier and diamond tier.

No one ever does matchmake and I see way more people in the ranked servers and I'm assuming its to grind for platinum and then die and come back when they fall out of platinum or matchmake to avoid decay. With this I believe you'll see way more participation throughout the entirety of this season and by restricting higher elos with one another its more benefical than matchmaking and getting some random person who's qualifying and can destroy elo in any kind of fuck up.

Hope this makes sense, kind of rushed it if you have any questions I'll answer to clarify anything I wasn't clear on.
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I agree that incentivizing matchmaking is the best thing they could do. The biggest flaw of toribash is the fact that you can't open the game and start playing right away. More often than not, I open tb, queue for ranked, see 0 people searching, open room list, see big queues and just close the game – despite wanting to play.

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Originally Posted by FistofLife View Post
Essentially the same thing, same result, sir killed matchmaking.

Matchmaking was dead before that, at least now ranking is more active, when I was farming matchmaking constantly in season 1-2 I almost never found opponents towards the middle of the season.

The issue isn't this, it's the fact nobody plays.
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