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Clan Guardian Story

Assassins, warriors, murderers, death bringers, Guardians. The Guardians, a unit feared during the ancient times, many blood has been shed by the Guardians, many had been terrified by there acts, for there actions had been shaded by secrecy, but only a handful knew there true intentions, for they fought to keep peace, but in concealment.

Decades have come and gone, and a new organization has risen, The Crows, but they were accepted by the people, for they had murdered Guardian units, one by one. The Guardians' numbers decreased dramatically, hardly any have lived, only the leader and several of the elites survived. The leader knew he had only one chance to end the reign of the Crows, and he issued war.

It was the bloodiest battle for centuries, many lives were claimed but eventually, the champions stood, the rest saw the better, the Guardians prevailed, but at a price, the Crows were no more, and only two of the Guardians have survived the mayhem. The civilians were horrified by there power, how could 40 if not less slaughter an army of thousands?!

The leader and his last surviving elite, searched the area for survivors, for non of the civilians dared to come close, but no avail, there were no survivors, the elite lowered his head, silently praying for the fallen, while the leader stumbled on a survivor, but not an ally, it was a Crow, faking his death, the leader picked him by the collar, his blood red eyes burning through the shaking enemy's soul. The Crow paralyzed by fear, could only listen to the leader's rugged voice, announcing that his life, ends now, as the leader's hand, shot through the Crow's stomach.

The elite limped to the leader, who dropped the body of the dead Crow, the elite staggered past the leader, and spun to face him.
"Are we over?" The elite asked, worry in his voice, the leader shook his head and carefully walks across the battlefield, not to step on one of his soldiers, while the elite followed.

Years later, the leader and the elite stood side by side watching Toribashians fight, but without intention to kill, but training.
"This is the year our first graduation happens" Said the elite, the leader only smiled and nodded, for the Guardians have returned.

not so happy with the ending but, meh
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