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I guess this is allowed here?

This is my first full animation that I put somewhat effort in and was looking for some tips if you see any obvious mistakes of my methods and things that i can do better.

Programs used:
Adobe Animate, Photoshop and Sony Vegas for music afterwards

Music Used:
Other one is a royalty free action song i cant find it

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This reminds me of newgrounds cartoons, I like it. I like the background in the beggining particularly. Sometimes the editing made it a bit confusing to me, like it cut off at parts where it made it hard to understand the motions or what was happening, also at parts the rough backgrounds made it tough to understand the space (like at 0:09 it took me a rewatch or two to understand that was supposed to be from the purple dude's perspective, it looked like he was below the green dude even though in the first shot it looked like he was throwing stuff from above him). That's definitely stuff that will be fixed with practice though I assume, I don't have any real knowledge or help to give in regards to the art, just wanted to say I like it and I would like to see more soon.
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adobe animate and adobe photoshop are both strong programs, and i often switch between them. the way i do it is i do my rough timings in adobe animate and then my refinement in photoshop, because photoshop has a more extensive brush system than animate. sometimes i fully animate in photoshop and thats usually because i painted a landscape i liked.

if you plan on using music in an animation, i strongly recommend you have it imported into your animation before you begin animating in the first place. this is so you can sync your animation with certain parts of the music. its up to you whether the music dictates whats going on in the animation, or is simply just background music.

i also strongly suggest you look into doing the pose-to-pose technique when animating. there were a lot of places i saw where the monsters would change shape from beginning to end of a scene. i dont want to explain what pose to pose is with interest of keeping the cnc brief, so a quick google search should explain it.

staging was an issue as well. at 0:12 blue monster guy is turning, while at the same time purple monster dude looks like hes moving out of the way. this is something youre going to want to avoid, as both characters here are competing for "attention" almost. you will want to have actions be as obvious as possible. this will give the viewer a clear understanding of what theyre looking at. when two subjects are competing for screen time then the viewer can find himself snapping between the two and completely missing what actually happened in the scene.

the thirds rule is also a good rule of thumb to go by. its situational, however in any scene if youre trying to figure out where you should be animaing your subject, the thirds rule helps a lot. draw a grid, dividing your scene into thirds both horizontally and vertically. you should end up with a 3x3 grid. anywhere where the lines intersect is a good place to put your subject, or at least somewhere near

uh...also maybe increase the contrast on those backgrounds maybe. seem a tad bit faded out
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it is not all matter of the rule of the third,
you can make focus with many other ways.

for your quality, go and Google the 12 principles of animation, if you follow all these principles your animation will show life.

Also, try smoothing your animations putting more frames in between poses, the human eye can perceive 18 frames per second,
if you make smooth you will get a better animation overall.

You would better do a refined art in photoshop and then use animate just for the animation key frames and tweens.
The characters must have the most attention in the animation, try to focus on them.
I am not saying the background does not require attention, but instead all the
actions occurs on characters, so make them well done.
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