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December updates and Christmas Shiai Items!
New stuff is here!

We've made some small nice forum updates today:

  • Ability to rename flames
    Ever had a bunch of "my zawesome flames" piling in your inventory? Now you can customize your flames' names! Press on flame item icon, input a new name and press "Update"!

  • More information on your obj items in inventory
    This has already been available for a while now, but we never announced it. In addition to the regular item description, all 3D items now also display what bodypart, joint or floor slot they're attached to. Handy when you're wondering whether your Beanie can be equipped along with Skull Necklace!

  • The new Magicalsack
    Event Squad's Magicalsack has been overhauled and now sends truly random prizes! What's more, all your tourney wins are now stored in our database and thus you'll be able to see your events history in ranking page starting with Season 3!

Christmas Shiai Items!

Shiai Token Exchange

This Christmas, we bring back some of the old themed items along with four new ones!

And what's more, all Shiai hair and obj boxes will also give you an outstanding giant floor texture item that will help you spread love for the best nazi admin of 2017!

All Christmas Shiai items are tradeable!

One last thing...
We've got an official Discord server!

Join it now and receive news about the recent community and forum updates,
see all the game broadcasts even when you're not playing Toribash and chat with your Toribash friends!

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Originally Posted by Reta View Post
Not random at all but random™

please honestly even if you aren't es/haven't been involved with es/gm before praise sir for this, that tool is magic
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there are ST items for New Year or just Christmas
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Omg the magicalsack change is glorious.
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When is the next shiai items ?
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this monthly shiai exchange thing was an L, staff shoulda known that we dont have enough event artists to come up with and create like 6 3d items every month
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