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Forum development news!
Hey guys.

The developers are going to maintain this thread to keep an open line of communication with the userbase concerning new site features that have been or will soon be added. Please, feel free to post in this thread with feedback on changes. Kindly don't post features you would like to see added here though; use the Suggestions & Ideas board.
I also heavily encourage you all to report bugs involving these new features in this thread, or send us a private message if it's a security issue.

That said, I'll start off with a couple of minor things I've added.

You can now filter market items by maximum Qi (Thanks for the suggestion SruX)

You can now send items directly from your deactivated inventory

You can now hide all of those useless empty sets you've got.

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[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
Mass-remove tool for market items from here is finally fixed.

thanks. it works
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