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Ranking Season One

Hello there!

Today we announce the new seasonal ranking system for Toribash.

  • No more monthly rank resets.
    The first season is going to last for 3 months and will end on July 10th, 2017. No resets until then, even if you stay inactive for a few weeks and then come back.

  • No more public ranked rooms.
    We all know the old ranking was a farm fest with some of the top players only fighting their friends who would lose on purpose. This would no longer be possible. All the public ranked rooms have been removed.

  • No more daily rank 1 rewards.
    You spend half the day playing, get rank 1 and already dream of buying that new 3D item but then you login the next day and know that some Russian stole your prize because he played a bit more when it was the right time. Sounds bad, right? That's why we have removed the daily rewards - instead, the best players will get their prizes when the season is over.

  • The new matchmaking.
    With the new system, the only way to rank up is to use the ranked mode in Matchmaking. We have made some significant updates to it in Toribash 5.12 thanks to your feedback.

We tried our best to both reduce the waiting time and make sure players can't select their opponents - and that's the why ranked matchmaking is used for the new ranking. When it's peak time, you no longer have to wait in a queue; once there is someone else willing to play, you will be instantly put in a fight. More than two players searching at once? The system will pick a better opponent for you to fight based on your rank.

  • Brown belt restriction.
    Sorry beginners, but ranked fights are for those who can stay on their feet for more than 50 frames.

  • Automatic mod choice.
    Unlike unranked matchmaking, you cannot choose what mods to play with ranked. If you aim for the top, you've got to be the best at everything, be it aikido or wushu. Ranked matchmaking is using 3 mods from different mod groups, and we will rotate them each month. April mods are as classic as they can be: aikidobigdojo.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm and taekkyon.tbm.

  • Best of 5 duels.
    To ensure the matchmaking session isn't luck-based, ranked fights are first-to-three duels. Accidentally lost an arm in a kicking mod and grappling mods aren't your strongest side? You still have a striking mod left which can give you a second chance at kicking.

Top 100 players will be rewarded at the end of the season

  • Rank #1: 500.000 Toricredits, Pure + Demon Pack, unique 3D item.
  • Rank #2: 400.000 Toricredits, Magma + Azurite Pack, limited edition 3D item.
  • Rank #3: 300.000 Toricredits, Tesla + Boreal Pack, limited edition 3D item.
  • Ranks #4-10: 100.000 Toricredits, limited edition 3D item.
  • Ranks #11-100: limited edition 3D item.

July 1st update: ranking data has been restored, the new season end date is July 10th, 2017.
Matchmaking boosters stay active until the end of this season.

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Originally Posted by jen7 View Post
not getting elo when they ragequit is really dumb.

I agree

oh hey

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this also fucking sucks
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Originally Posted by Shmevin View Post
I agree

oh hey

I gave you a win and elo without leaving then left not to play the other matches.

I'm talking about leaving in the middle of a match.
such as that
2 completely different things in my mind atleast
Hi i'm bad

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If you queue up , play it.
If you pusc, dont queue.

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Make tbash great again
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Time to grind bois
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This looks fun, caught my interest again.

Originally Posted by jen7 View Post
not getting elo when they ragequit is really dumb.

Also rigging seems like it could be a big problem giving the size of the playerbase so i would hope there are good precautions taken

That ragequit thing is annoying yeah, that was a problem already with ranking though even before this.
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Aiming for rank 1, sir.
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ooo dats awesome!
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I think this is great! Probably one of the coolest things to happen since the announcement of MM. The incentive for having a rank should drive traffic to it and make it worthwhile for everyone.

Fantastic job!
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