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Drake Set & New Items!

September Shiai items are here!

Participate in ES events, win tokens and exchange them to get Drake items this month!

Viking Helmet
User submission by Blair

One of Solax spare helmets, lost after a night full of Mead and pillaging

Price: 15,000 TC / $5

Forehead Protector

I won't run away anymore, not even with a point lead, that is my ninja way!

Price: 15,000 TC / $5


Replays used for screenshots:
Young Monkey by Dezrai
Curvesse by Tsuion
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wow, the ideas get better and better with each month. really like this and i was already really happy about the ninja stuff.
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Love the forehead protector.
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Looks good!
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Something went wrong


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Originally Posted by Yocuz View Post
Something went wrong


...and I was wondering where I messed up this time, huh

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finally I can be true sweden represent
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My only issue is how you price really nice looking items so low, the Viking Helmet should of been selling for more.
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honestly i feel like pricing is ruining tb

like no good 3d items that feel exclusive in the shop

just dropping the prices makes them feel less cool

like colors as well... didn't think it was bad but now.... i bought magma force for like basically 50k and now its practically free... atleast make it so that ur not ALSO ruining colors just do shiai items don't fuck with colors

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